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Thread: Cloth Nappies #134

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    Oh Mo, I'm so glad to hear that Maddi is OK - how scary. Hope her sore little bum is better soon, it's probably pretty tender. Poor little chicken.

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    Thanks Suse
    Thanks Mel will give it try.
    Off for another x~ray tomorrow to make sure none broke off, but looking at the x~ray it's the same shape, better to be safe in this situation!.

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    Exciting news girls! I have been offered a full time job starting on Tuesday, and with both of us working I can buy nappies! :woot:
    I have worked for the company before as a temp and my boss liked my work ethic, I could surf BB and get all my work done before lunch! I am excited! It is reception and very easy but it means I have somewhere to be everyday and can get back into my routine!

    Mo, Hope she is fine Maybe stop giving her glass bottles?

    So if we move (DH has said if they stuff him around 1 more time he will get a permanent job making trailers with his bestie) It wont be for a while, and if we dont I am guaranteed full time work.

    WOEB: Swaddlebees pocket with prefolds as booster.

    WOSB: Undies

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    thanks Gigi!
    makes me happy to know that theory can work another thing to use my bamboo inserts for yay!

    Well day 2 i think of MCN's while i am at work is better i think

    All i had to hear from DH complaining about today is:

    IT wastes so much water flushing poos each time from the nappy

    It wastes so much water using the little squirt

    I hate Cloths - they are inconvienent and i am only using them because you want them

    They are all Crap and leak

    i am sick of having to change her pants when they leak (but not open to suggestions on why the leak is happening...)

    i tell you what if i have to hear one more groan about my mcn's i will scream..... (then buy more!!!)


    Kaz - do you buy DH sposies to use or say stuff luck!?
    gigi - i dont think he bothered reading the instruction...did you know men dont need them!
    Trinity - did you find any tips for poos? An old remedy is a teaspoon of brown sugar in their milk or lots of pears/prunes etc... hth

    WOHB - Nothing... in bath with DH and MIL (they arent in the bath she is )
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    PP - just give him time to get used to it. We've had blow outs here, and I just say to DH that it takes a while to get the absorbency up and to get used to using a new thing... but after a few times, they are all good. Hopefully he gets better for you. Just keep telling him about how much money they are saving you..

    Ali - congrats on the job.

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    PP ask if he realises that more water probably goes into the production of, and then attempted break down of one single disposable - as opposed to a wash of cloth. (I'm pretty sure that's right, anyone? )

    I have the flu & think I am getting laryngitis... i feel like i need some retail therapy.

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    i reckon his mate has been in his ear a little too.. the first thing he said yesterday when visiting was

    'cloths are far worse for the environment than disposables' nothing to back it up just opinionated..

    oh i tel you what DH was letting it rip and i am so over it!

    my theory ... ready???? (lol)

    problem? ---- find solution ------ try solution ------ reassess..

    his theory

    problem? ---- crap ----- throw out

    He is boycotting the LS now! yelling at me because he took sooo long to get it working... like that is my fault i am happy to scrape... i bought it for him (maybe i should sell it on him)... what do you think!!!!! *insert evil grin here*

    WOHB - i left a bbb + booster +wool cover out in the bathroom... will find out soon if he put it on to impress MIL ...

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    PP google oz cloth nappies and there is a break down on environmental impact of MCN vs disposable...

    I always say... "I just can't reason with the 400yrs of landfill for one disposable and the amount of water needed to make 1 disposable" Good luck!

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    thats what i told him! idiot! lol


    WOHB - Sposie
    (the bbb + wool cover... still on the bathroom bench)

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    New thread HERE

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