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thread: Cloth Nappies # 168

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    well having a miserable day today

    havent tried daddle doo .. sorry Kat ..

    postie came today, but it was just KK booster .. now actual fluff
    am waiting on a KK and a Whizz kids ...

    have been wating for a few days now ... i just want some fluff .........

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    Mar 2007

    Nana - have you contacted the seller of that cover? That has been ages so I would be kicking up a stink if I was you.

    Maz - email received!!! I am more likely to keep an email than a print out anyway because I get SSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO much junk mail. Bills end up chucked after a few months too, just so there is less paper around the house. I can always find an email, never can find a piece of paper when I want it.

    Kat and Lea - Gastro is no fun, especially at 38 weeks pg!!! We all had it just before Em was born.

    Jess - CT can be either Cushie Tushies or Cute Tooshies. I genarally put CTBD for Cute Tooshies , because it is a Cute Tooshies Bamboo Delight.

    Kat - I would be working if I could. We have more bills than income at the moment No fluff here after Maz night nappy arrives.

    WOEB (What's on Em's Butt): Choc mint CT and soaker.

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    Nov 2007

    Mel shame on you and your snoozywun for making me break my nappy buying ban in 12 hours, I take no responsibility

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld


    I did nothing......

    Supposed to be going up to mum's tonight (she has our car loan docs up there that we need to sign) and its all flooded!!! Stupid rain!! Stupid sunshine coast for being easily flooded - arghhhh!!!

    Hmm. that was so not nappy related.

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Oh I got more fluffy mail today! My puppy starbunz pocket - Ari loves it and demanded it go straight on her butt! hehe so cute. finally wrestled it off her after 3hrs and it's pre washing now :-) Held up well for a nappy that hadn't even been washed.

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    Apr 2008
    in love. lots of it.

    ali - it finally arrived today!! I had emailed Jayne at NN last week when it didn't arrive. Stupid AP... anyway, I don't know if the one I got is the original one sent or a replacement, but it's on DS's bot now All I need now is better night nappies...

    Mel - I so don't miss the flooding on the coast! My computers used to rust, and I had to replace the carpet so many times. But I lived in Mudjimba, which is practically below sea level! Hardly ever made it to college in Burnside coz the road was always under water.

    WOHB: WC NN and Bear Bottoms fleece cover...mmmmm... soft....

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    Dec 2007

    hi all

    No nappy news here really....except that Charlotte has pooed in EVERY SINGLE NAPPY she has worn for 3 days straight now Not loving the washing at the moment... lol

    Just thought Id let you know there are a whole heap of Large d'lish and magic-alls on Ebay at the moment...the IBs are around $20 at the moment, but the magicalls are still down around $10 each, if anyone wants to try something new without having to buy new....or battle at B4B

    Sarah - that is classic! She prolly want to sleep with it next lol

    NaNa - glad you finally got your cover!!

    Mel - can you not get up there at all?? What a pain. hope your mums place is ok though?

    Kat - never tried a Daddle Doo sorry....PMs hun

    WOHB: No idea! DH has had her all day just about and they are still out! lol I had a lunch time nap today! WOOHOO!

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    rhyb Guest

    Yay I won the rainbow patooties Mel had on b4b! Im so excited I even bought rainbow babylegs to go with it! So much for saving for my friends wedding I just had to cz I have no rainbow fluff.

    WOHB: Orange blueberry pocket soon to be snoozywun

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    rhyb- i was going to outbid you on that! but coz your a bb'er i didnt want to do that to ya!!!

    I have my eye on the lou lou thats on there .. I love it !!! so cute and red really suits Gabriella !!!
    anyways ..

    hmm .... not nappy related but sometimes as much as i love him my DH can be a real dumbsh*t sometimes

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    Nov 2007
    Southwest Syd

    Lea are you after the cherry loulou? Its pretty!
    LS Thanks fot the heads up n ebay. I don;t ahve any large sizes yet so might try and grab one or 2.
    Rhyb- I want rainbow stuff too, I nearly got the rainbow babylegs at the itti sale but they up'd the price on me as I was checking out. I think I will just go and visit a lovely M lady's store

    ETA- Oh no rainbow baby legs in stock but not the pink and choc medium ecobubs! I shouldn't have waited so long!!!

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    Sep 2006
    Dandy Ranges ;)

    NaNa - where in Melbourne are you? I might be able to lend you a snoozywun ....

    Ahhh LS, gotta love them BP with huge poo mess, all in the minky rollover - erkkk!!!

    Wonder when the replacement Vintage Vibe will arrive?

    My little boy now tells me when he's done a poo - so what's the actual next step in TTing him?

    WoHB - snoozywun!

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    rhyb Guest

    Eej- Yeah when I got to check out it didnt factor in free postage and I overpaid itti bitti $4. What happens now? I know its only $4 but if I could use it as credit Id grab some wipes too.

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    Eej- Yeah when I got to check out it didnt factor in free postage and I overpaid itti bitti $4. What happens now? I know its only $4 but if I could use it as credit Id grab some wipes too.
    my first order from Itti they emailed me to say i could have done something different and saved some money (i didn't realise) so they packaged it and sent me the $7 refund to paypal. contact them hun, they'll help

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    rhyb Guest

    They just emailed me to say I can have store credit. They know theyll make money out of me saying that

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    Dec 2007
    Sunny Qld

    Mel - can you not get up there at all?? What a pain. hope your mums place is ok though?
    Yeah we got to her place - we went up around the hills - was awfully foggy - plus pi$$ing down rain - plus no airconditioning so the windows were steaming up - PLUS - an old fart in front of us doing 30kms most of the way... *sigh* was a long trip.

    But we've signed the documents now - and of course I find things I'm not happy with - so we'll probably have to resign them anyway.. LOL

    Nappy news... umm.. since we were at nanny's house - she had to change stinky-smelly-hold-your-nose-or-you'll-die toddler nappy... She made me put his night nappy on (KK AIO) cos she's not too sure of snaps.. haahaa

    THen I made her do up DD"s night nappy (BBB) and I checked it, was a little loose and I'm like.. meh.. it'll do donkey.. it'll do...

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    haha at the gma doing up the nappies ... my mum always goes for a sposie ....

    ahhh rain ... ahh nappies to be washed ...

    and wet nappies still on the line have been there since monday i think lol !!

    any way .. off to find a show off nappy .. off to see the PEAD today .. eeeeeekkkk

    and yep , eej .. im after the cherry lou lou .. any one who gets in my way is TOAST ....

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    Jan 2008

    hmmm i need to find a show off nappy is the shiat pit...BUT i think the one i want is still wet BUT i do have POT OF GOLD!!!!!! BUT baby legs are wet...dang it!!!! need to fix dryer...
    see you soonish Kitt3n

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    Apr 2007
    the Sauna

    ok am caving ... need Baby legs .. whos got em on spesh ???

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