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thread: Cloth Nappies # 168

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    Nov 2007
    Southwest Syd

    Hi every one,

    I am back from SA! With lovely fluffy mail waiting for me! I got my iishfly which is so pretty and my first 4 CT's. They are really nice. I want more!

    A funny thing... there was a super huge package from CT as well as a smaller one. They both had my name on them, so open the big one and its 25 nappies plus lots of wipes! DH said did you order all those!!!! Of course I hadn't and it must be someone elses package that they sent to me. So I rang and they asked me to send it back I couldn't honsestly keep it knowing it wasn't mine anyway and 25 CT nappies ...that would have cost someone a small fortune!!! Its a full time stash. They were a mixture of coutures and basix so many colours. Oh if only they were mine!!!!

    I also recieved my moogoo so is it ok to use with cloth occasionally?

    Oh and I got an email about the mini lala lottery which isn't really a lottery cause you have to say why you want them and be creative...bah! I am so not creative i think I'm going to miss out

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    Nov 2007

    That sucks Lea, I'd be complaining. I hate it when people do that.

    I am trying to get some work done whilest patiently awaiting the postie! I need some fluffs.

    GL shelly !!

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    Jan 2008

    i entered the mini lala lottery
    i have a the heap of washed nappies waiting to hung on the clothes horse....whos coming to help me??? any takers???

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    Dec 2007
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    EEJ - good on you for being honest - a lot of people wouldn't. And you can use moogoo all the time with cloth nappies, its the only cream I use.

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    Oct 2007
    Ever so slowly going crazy...

    eej.. good on ya girl... Karma wont come back and bite you in the ass now!!!

    No nappy news yet... got 2 lots coming.... was very happy with my 3 packages Friday.... cant remember if I said what they were???

    Some PUL IB's... with contrasting fleece liners.. soooo cute..
    bambineo bamboo fitteds..so incredably soft and fluffy...
    my berry plush.. gorgeous colours..

    there all washed, H has on a IB, and wore a fitted with maz cover yesterday... just lovely...

    too quite when the site goes down......... *tumbleweed*.......

    WOHB.. IB pink
    WOKB.. IB yellow

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    Nov 2006
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    fluffy mail! my 3 custom widdlewuns, they are gorgeous!!

    eej - moogoo anytime and everytime hun, all good! I am sure karma will come your way babe. Might just be inthe way of that mini lala lottery? i'll try and think of a reason for you, a good one

    lea - that sux. i once got a nappy that i am sure was not washed.

    ray - i believe you shouldnt put pul in the dryer. the shells with PUL in the dry fast enough anyway, usually just the snap in bits/boosters tat might need a bit of a dryer spin. I wash everything on "hardcore"! But my special nappies do get put n a wash bag. Now that I have more special nappies I think i need a few more washbags, i only have one LOL!!!

    and... drum roll please.....


    i hope i finally have these MPM rules understood!!

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    Sep 2007

    Time for a new thread HERE

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