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thread: Cloth Nappies #173.

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Hi gals - firstly I have now found all my missing nappies woohoo - the GF was in my sons AFL bag - hmmmm I really have to stop turning every bag into a nappy bag

    Also lanolising hand knit shorties with spray lanoline, inside and out or is that overkill?

    BG - I hate using the dryer too but sometimes if we've been having a bad day it just has to be done. I try and even it out by turning off extra electricity for a few days to compensate. Also a airer in front of the dryer works well and I find it less effort to hang nappies on an airer in the laundry and take the airer outside then to stand at the washing line.

    Helen - My DD didn't like sitting in wet flats either and would fuss as soon as she wet but when we used MCN with microfleece inners she loved them! Haven't had a problem since

    Ali - woohoo on the FDC! Hope it turns out well. Have pm'd you also

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    Dec 2006
    In my own private paradise

    he's home he's HOME!! and he bought me Mazzie fluff! good night all round for me!

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    ok, just read about six pages (i get the daily digest of this thread) and several people's post made me think about "acidic teething poos".

    i gather this doesn't happen to 100% of bubs, but enough do go thru it, i think, to make it worthwhile mentioning.

    bilby went thru it, so it's well known to me. When she was teething, virtually every poo she did, the SECOND it came out of her body, the poo would burn her bottom, leaving what literally looked like a burn mark on her buttocks. It's so heartbreaking, while it's going on, you try so hard, to continually check them, peep in the back of the nappy, but the reality is, you will never be quick enough, to stop it happening, altogether. But if they poop in their sleep, you're less likely to be checking then. But i remember times when bilby would cry out in her sleep, so hysterically she would totally wake up, and it was all over the teething acidic poos, so as soon as i opened the nappy, it was like "no wonder, poor thing".

    This also went on when we were in the sleep clinic, and i was being bullied into leaving her in a nursery (50m away from where i slept) for 12 hours at a time. One night, against the advice (and glares) of about 6 midwives, i disobeyed them, and went into my screaming, hysterical bilby, and feeling like i would be found out and told off any second, i unwrapped her, undid the nappy and sure enough - she had burn marks from acidic poo on her bottom. I am so glad i listened to my mummy instincts that night. When the midwives found out i had gone in there, and the reason bilby had been screaming so loud (keeping other bubs awake she was so loud), they just sniffed and looked away. They still didn't think it was right that i had gone in there. (!!!!).

    Marlene and Limey, i join you in the vicarious thrill of listening to everyone else and their fluffy tales!

    Saram, i'm glad the missing nappies turned up, but as soon as you mentioned "multiple defacto nappy bags" - the penny dropped.

    i think NaNa mentioned the Search for the Perfect Nappy Bag a few days ago, i only bought mine when bilby was 12 months old. i didn't buy an expensive one, cos i couldn't justify that much money UNLESS i got to see it in real life, got to see all the compartments, understood the proportions in real life - and as all the nice ones i coudln't get ot see in real life - i settled for a cheapie (that i could touch n feel and see how it worked). but i'm not much of a risktaker.

    Welcome Helen, i joined this thread when i was pregnant i think, learnt heaps from listening and asking questions, it's a really friendly thread to be on. i felt overwhelmed when i first got into mcn too, it's good to read and learn a bit fierst, before you start buying.

    Jess, sorry to hear about your b4b lemons, did you get to see photos first? have you contacted the seller? if goods are not as described, i would let seller know, and give them the opportunity to offer you a refund. I have done that, and got refunded.

    wots on the bilby butt (for the newbies)
    blueberry trainer - night training is going great, maybe this is a dream and she will start wetting at night later on, it all seems too good to be true, too fast.

    i met a mum, from an old mother's group we used to go to, today, and as we were catching up quickly, toilet training came up, and she said "how did you get her to tt so early?" (28 months) and i said "we used cloth nappies". Normally i am shy to say that (as the reason for the early tt-ing), but it just came out my mouth, without thinking today. It's the truth - it's one of the MANY reasons we used mcn, but normally, i'm used to sposie users being so defensive about sposie use, i try to avoid that confrontation (which is what seems to happen when i say how excellent mcn are, i then get the litany of reasons why they think sposies are the only thing to use).

    ALIOOPS - if you want to buy a pretty nappy, i would get a size 1 type - e.g birth - 7kgs - to maximise the use you will get out of it.

    newborn covers start at 2.5kg i think e.g imse vimse, bambino mio might start at 3kg, there are premmie sized covers too
    a newborn sized prefold will be fine for a little bub, they are so adjustable, any extra, just snappi it to the size of Leah.

    typing out the washing the nappies instructions sounds like a very good idea to me

    the amount of people who say "relatives mucked up the mcn by washing them wrong" like post birth. i honestly think it's just becos washing mcn is a specific skill, and unless you are told waht to do, how would you know?

    great news about the daycare for the girls. you've reminded me i really should look into daycare too, i'm just dreading trying to find one, all the interviewing and checking out the places. i really would love a Steiner based daycare, doubt i will get that here.

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    Had sun last night at Mel's stocking... I got me a WW... Pink Fairy one... HEHE... so now i am right for 2 days worth of nappies... YAY... So will ease of buyingtil i pay for them and my Maz stuff... So cant wait... i'm lucky the parcel man usually comes early in the morning so i am expecting a visit this morning... YAY... wonder if i'll get any and if so what will i get...

    THis is too exciting buying fluff... i think you have the best job Mel... Buying new fluff stock... ahhh... thats the life... lol... Hope ur ok this morning Mel...

    i was so lucky yesterday when i put the sposie on for 1/2 hour (cos i though i all meant panadol popp stins not wee ) she did a massive splosion an the sposie only just contained it all... YAY for me... No pops in my Maz NN... lol

    GiGI- what brand r these flushable liners u sent to me??? i would like to buy some... there softer then the ones i brough and got last week...

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    Jan 2008

    i have no $$ at the mo...and need more microfleece for liners.....

    Maz..hun not on anti-biotics..he is on Dimetapp infant drops....and guess what ingrediant it has!!!!! SORBITOL bring on the grey nappies

    I am still waiting on FLUFF in a BIG way...

    6 Itti Bittis
    2 Bubblebubs
    1 Mummy N Me (love her nappies....who got the NB chocolate minkee side snapper from me??? shells bells or one of you girls)

    I am really loving my GF nappies....hubby busted me BIG time...got an email from Nikki about laybying a 6 pack....he says...are you buying more nappies?? uummmmmmm NO

    WOJB ~ mottled orange Fluffy Bub

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    Oct 2007
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    i got in trouble for buying at the stocking... especually when i got the email reciepts... whoops... norti outlook dings when i get mail and DP checked... 2 invoices from Mel... i explained later i only got 1 but he said it didnt matter... LOL (thank god he has no idea bout the atuff i'm waiting on... he'll find out when there on the line drying... LOL

    I really want more butterfly naps... been hunting and OMG i'm in love... its making me want another butterfly tattoo...

    has anyone got their itti's from the limited addition stock???

    ETA- Fluffy MAIL- Mel you have the quickest postage... U rock... love how i wrap them up too... The kids loved opening the present...

    Also Itti's are quite small hey?? i got large and there tiny... not sure if they'll fit...
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    Jess...the ittis look tiny, but they stretch and are a great fit! They even warn you on the website that they "look" smaller than other MCN...but really they aren't. Loooooving my ittis!!

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    Nov 2006
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    i have a wooly question

    most of the time i use my loveybums wool wrap overnight. Its simply my fave - absolutely no leaks, never feels damp etc etc....


    pooplosions do leak from the nappy sometimes onto the cover.

    Now, i have been washing/lanolising every time this happens, but the last few days it has been EVERY time i put it on her. So, for tose who use woolies, would you wash it every time or just rinse off and give some sun? and what if there isnt any sun?

    wohb - brand new widdlewun... anyone wanna take a pooplosion bet? LOL

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    Nov 2007

    I don't think you have to lanolise eveytime you wash them unless the aborbancy is gone.

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    Dec 2007
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    I thought washing woolies did remove the lanolin? Maybe I'm mistaken, but I just assumed thats what happened?

    Knowing me and the SHOCKER of a week I'm having - I'm most likely wrong.

    WOAB: Green IB cos he already had his morning poop in his night nappy
    WOMB: BBB & mother ease cover.

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    Jan 2008
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    Maz - Pm me your postal addy & I will send it along with the foamy wipes solution

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    Dec 2006

    Gigi - I'd also be interested in the name of the flushable liners you use... you sent me some ages ago and the ones I've bought since are no where near as soft

    Might be going back to parttime work very soon.... yay! More money to buy nappies!

    Not waiting on any fluff at the moment, just a few ebay purchases and my moo goo... but nowhere near as exciting as fluff!

    WOHB - purple IB

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    Dec 2005

    Ah thanks Kitten you just reminded me I need to lanolise my new soakers so River can wear them!

    I got my hug-a-bub today and should be getting fluffy mail of the Widdlewuns kind soon so Im going to be stalking the postie like mad

    Anywho just a quick pop in, back to cleaning while Im one kid down and the other two are zzzzzing.

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    Yikes this thread moves so fast I dont think i will ever be able to catch up lol!! Great reading for getting the knowledge going tho...thanks

    Well i gave in and went back to sposies for the night...and he was just as grizzly all night.....hubby wasnt impressed when I pointed that out So anyway we are back in cloth today and Im feeling much better about it all (and learning to get the next nappy ready before its change time). Someone asked if I have liners...Im using the ImseVimse flushable ones...I had no idea whats good and whats not when I bought them but flushable sounded awesome for poos

    Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes Im beginning to think even just reading everything here is gonna get expensive for me lol

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    Jess Ittis are quite deceiving on first impressions. They fit my monster 2 1/2 year old terrifically where others that look bigger don't. It's a great design

    You need to re-lanolise after washing but you don't need to wash after every wear. There is some sheepish grins wool wash that has lanolin in it. I've got a bottle but haven't used it as yet but I like the idea of an all in one job. Will report on it when I pull finger and make some longies for Rubes.

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    Dec 2005

    Helen, your son and mine are only 3 days apart in age - he's been grisly of a night as well and we use BBH one size fitted nappies so it definately cant be the nappies otherwise my boy would be nappyless to stop the grisling lol 4-6wks is a period of growth spurts so Id bet that thats the reason he is unsettled at night (my boy is a great settler during the day but nighttimes - urgh )

    Thinking I might go grab a 6-pack of minkee magicalls to increase my stash for River so I dont have to wash quite as much - has anyone tried the one size magicalls?

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    Mar 2006
    Getting to know Brisbane all over again

    Helen - yes beware these women are terrible enablers :-)

    imsevimse flushables are good for getting rid of the messy stuff, esp once bub is on solids. (also you can wash them a few times before they break down) Other liners like microfleece will create a staydry effect by drawing the wetness into the fabric underneath. Some pocket nappies and all-in ones have the part that touches bubs bottom made out of microfleece or suede cloth for this reason.

    As for cost remember to remind Dh how much a packet of nappies cost that you use for a few hours and throw in the bin compared to cloth which can last 2yrs, looks good and for us was part nappy part outfit - I have never found an outfit at target that will last my DD 2yrs, serves a purpose and only cost $25-$35 :-)

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    i just got an email from itti about my order , they charged me the wrong amout so there going to fix it up and add a little extra , The itts look small Jess . I sweated over getting Larges for Gabriella .. as Nix could wear a large from around 9mths BUT my large itti that i have has bad leg gape on Gabirella so i got all MED's shes not 8kgs yet and MED fit till 12kgs .. if she were nearer to the 12 kg mark i would have upsized ... they look tiny... word around fluffyland is that they are the "g banger" of cloth !!! I should have my ittis by friday !! yay

    I got my huggalugs from Ali this morning !! thanks Ali !! and WOW are they bigger than i tought .. i even got a pair that was organic blend and i didnt even know that when i ordered them lol ! but they are massive on Gabs so will fit for ages !! when she crawls they trail after her like she has no feet

    Good things do come in small packages but when it comes to fluff an "average" bub is better as everything fits much nicer ...

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