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    munro Guest

    Red face Help Please from the experts!

    Hi There,

    New to this and have spent 8 hours (yes, 8 hours!) today scanning websites and forums to try and decide what to buy for the arrival in 9 weeks.

    I really love the idea of a pocket nappy as the weather is pretty inconsistent down here in Melbourne and I don't have a dryer!

    My main 'wants' are:

    • pocket nappies for ease of drying
    • Australian Made
    • Natural fibres touching babies skin

    Now, I love the look of the Green Kids Anytimes but they are lined with a synthetic material. I have scanned every site possible and I cannot find an Aus/NZ made pocket nappy that has a hemp/bamboo/organic cotton lining. Does anyone know of any or is there a specific reason why this is not a good combination? Are Green kids good? For Newborns?

    I have been thinking of trying bamboo fitted with a cover but I have read that the bamboo nappies are hard to dry?

    Any advice would be great as I have given myself a headache trying to work out what to do!

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    Hi there, I am new at this too, not having actually yet used any that I have bought for our soon-to-be-arrival.
    I'm sure someone with expertise will be along any moment to tell you all the right things but I'm not sure you can get a pocket with natural lining as it is usually the natural fabrics which are used as the absorbent bit as they do a good job of it and the synthetic fabrics are like a stay-dry kind of liner against the skin.
    Hope you get what I mean... lol my brain dont work like it used to!!!!

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    Hi Munro and welcome

    Hmmmm that gets the grey matter working!

    Swaddlebees make pocket nappies that have natural liners. There is an AIO pocket and a pocket that still needs a cover. Problem is they aren't Australian made.

    Will have a bit of a think and get back you you!

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    Munro - my only advice for ya hon...dont jump in and buy all of the one nappy. buy a few different ones. Ive changed nappies through the year and found what works for one part of my babies life wont work aswell when they are running around. Alot of people use prefolds for the first few months (I will be one of them) then move onto fitteds, then pocket nappies.
    Yes bamboo nappies can take a bit longer to dry.....but they are very absorbent and well worth the money spent. I dry my nappies on a clothes horse in the full sun and chase the sunlight in the back yard with it.
    Good luck on your wonderful new journey into nappyhood! You'll find it very rewarding as most of us do

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    Hey welcome Munro.

    You should be fine in Melbourne without a dryer, as long as you've got a clotheshorse - especially in Summer! I will concede though that a dryer does take a bit of pressure off in winter.
    It really depends on how many nappies you have all up, and how often you wash.

    GreenKids pocket nappies are great, I've not used them on a newborn though, I've used BumGenius pockets on a newborn and thought they were great! I imagine GK's would be a bit bulkier on a newie.

    For bamboo nappies, for a newborn, I'd be leaning towards bamboo terry (like Bambineo or Tots Bots Bamboozle) in size 1, they'd fit for quite a while. Bamboo fleece, like with Baby BeeHinds is great, but bulky on a newborn, where terry is trimmer and slinky. I'd say terry dries faster too?

    Many people with a newborn just fold up a bamboo/hemp trifold (piece of material that folds in 3) and sit it in a snug PUL cover. Many others (as Maz said) use prefolds, which can just be lain in as well, or be secured with a snappi (or pins, but a snappi is easier!). Prefolds are great, they'll dry really quickly, easy to wash and pretty easy to use, not to mention that they make good size spit/cleanup rags later.

    Keep in mind also, while pocket nappies are great if the fit is good, a fitted/prefold and cover will give you a bit more peace of mind against exploding poo - small baby poo can come out with some force at times!

    Like Sammi, I'll keep thinking on your criteria, you fussy person you. To be honest, the easiest way to meet that criteria might just be to make your own...can you sew at all?

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    I've been using the TotsBots Bamboozles on my newborn (he was a biggun though at 4.2kg - but long rather than chubby) and they are great. So are the Bum Genius pockets. Haven't had any pootainment issues yet. They are starting to look less huge on him now - he must be growing LOL!

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    Suse! That's the weight that Riv was! (have I already realised that before...? ) And he was long too!

    What size bamboozles did you use? And what kind? Velcro?

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