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Thread: Where to buy bamboo flats?!!

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    Exclamation Where to buy bamboo flats?!!

    I thought I better post this before I go crazy searching in vain. I can't find them ANYWHERE, and when I looked around 6 months ago I could find them heaps of places. I need help!! I'm just looking for normal bamboo flats, 60x60cm.

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    not sure but maybe you could make some your self?? You could get some bamboo from snaps Australia & wizz up some.

    eta - Nurture Nappies have them. $11 each for the 60 x 60 size.

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    Thanks for the reply! Whoa, $11 that's no cheapo. I might have to borrow a sewing machine and make some myself then! Thanks again!

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    $11 for 60x60cm doesn't sound cheap nope, but then when you consider a metre of bamboo fleece from Snaps Australia (cheapest I've seen it) is $18 a metre (you have to buy 2m at a time though, so $36), it's not tooooo bad I don't think.

    And I don't know what the NN flats are made of, perhaps a bamboo material more suited for being used as a flat, as opposed to bamboo fleece?

    Can I ask what you're wanting them for? If it's for a newborn, I think you'll find you're changing bub before you soak through a normal flanny flat anyway...
    But what I would be doing (and will be doing when I find that bub outwees the flats) is just putting a bamboo booster in the flat. You might find that's a more economical use for bamboo? Just a thought.

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    Nelle, the NN flats are of bamboo terry, so maybe that is a bit more absorbent still? I was thinking of using them for times when you need a bit extra absorbency, as well as for pocket stuffers for when bub gets a bit bigger. Fitteds are great for that and I've got some of the baby beehinds on the way, but flats dry quicker, so I thought it might be worth getting some seeing I haven't got a tumbler. But I'm not sure. Might just leave it for now and see what I need later when I can't use the flannies any longer. Bamboo boosters are a good idea though, I'll definitely look into that! :-)

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