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Thread: Adult Gaviscon??

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    Question Adult Gaviscon??

    My paed has recommended that I try using 1/2 ml of adult gaviscon for my baby's reflux (she is 7 weeks). I can't find any threads about this, has anyone else used it?
    Any idea how often I can give it to her?
    Is it a bad idea to give her a little more breat milk when she is screaming from the pain of the burning or will this make it worse for her??
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I would suggest asking a pharmacist or ringing your local hospital and speaking to someone in the dispensary, you could even just ring your local pharmacy.
    good luck.

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    Thank you, that is very logical!!! I will do that!

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    The pharmacy will probably say to do what the doctor says. For short term use adult gaviscon is fine for your child especially in that dose. That being said, 1/2 a ml generally doesn't do much, so if it does great, if not you may want to get a script for a better reflux medication.

    With the feeding, that is a hard one, what they reflux on is the milk, so once that is in their tummy they will reflux on it, if you continually are topping her up, she will continually be getting reflux. She also won't get a full feed since she will be wanting to do this more regularly.

    It sort of goes against everything we are taught about B/F but go with your gut if you think it isn't interfering with her feeds and not making her any worse then try it.

    Have you tried propping the bed?

    There are lots of great tips on a site, if you google infantrefluxdisease, it should be the first one.

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