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Thread: Constant moaning - Teething Maybe?

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    Default Constant moaning - Teething Maybe?

    Aiden is constantly, mouth closed, moaning, DH says to say its a dull, ANNOYING moaning/humming noise.

    Could this be teething? He has been doing it on and off now for about 2 weeks. Sometimes days on end, and then, will go a few days just making normal sounds. He doesnt tug his ears or anything, but, does always have a finger or two in his mouth, drools abit (not alway excessively). And blows raspberries constantly.

    He is not sleeping all that well during the day either.

    We are thinking about posting him to my mum, on the other side of Australia! Just trying to find a jiffy bag big enough for him

    He hates bonjella now, i think he is sick of me sticking my finger in his gob, but, i give him brauers teething and calm. What else can i do?
    I read somewhere someone mentioned chamamile (sp??) could help? What sort? How do i use it?

    What do you think?

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    Not sure what else you can try if he won't take the bonjella. It's hard when they hate that stuff. I've been giving Eleanor nurofen to help with the pain.
    She keeps putting her fingers in her mouth as well when a tooth is coming. She has two more on the way at the moment. I know what it's like when they won't sleep during the day and they get so grumpy.

    Hope you get to find something that will work for Aiden.

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