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Thread: Could DD have Silent Reflux?

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    Default Could DD have Silent Reflux?

    Oh I am feeling like a horrible mother, I was reading a post on another forum where a lady had a bub that was doing things DD is doing & it turned out her bub had silent reflux.... what if DD has it & I've done nothing to help her?!

    She will not sleep during the day unless she is on my shoulder or patted to sleep on her tummy.
    She pulls off the breast after a short time & crys.
    She makes gulping noises/actions when layed down or picked up from I prone position.
    Alot of unsettledness & unexplained crying/screaming.

    I thought I had supply issues, but could it be this...? God I will hate myself if she's been in pain all this time...

    She has her 8wk injections on monday so I will talk to the GP then, but in the meantime I am worrying!!

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    Awww... Don't feel bad, how would you have known unless you read the symptoms? You obviously are in tune with your DD if you have picked up what you think is wrong with her. Definitely talk to your GP about it, your suspicions sound like they could be right.

    You aren't a horrible mother, it is obviously you care very much for your DD

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    Oh dont be hard on yourself , it is so hard to know a baby has silent reflux because they dont have the vomitting etc of just normal reflux. I just explained off Liams symptoms for 8 weeks as fussiness, colic, intolerance to BM etc etc etc, until I finally did some reading up on reflux and went to see my GP.
    Let me know if you need an ear to listen, I can sympathise we are going through it too!

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    Thanks ladies. I know I shouldn't but I can't help feeling guilty. Am taking her to the Doc so hopefully, if it is it, she'll have some relief. Poor little pumpkin.

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