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Thread: he's still vomitting!

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    Hi girls,
    I have written on this forum a few times before about my son who has reflux. Well it has never officially been diagnosed as no matter how many doctors I see no one will actually say he has reflux.
    Our story in short is since birth Jakson has been a happy chucker. He can vomit anywhere from 20-30times a day. Not just positting, huge amounts. I stopped breastfeeding at 6months and expressed for 2 months and thickened the milk which helped heaps. Didn't ever stop him vomitting but decreased the amount. Now my milk supply has dried up and he is on formula. I also thicken that. Have tried the AR formulas but they aren't thick enough so he is on Nan Ha Gold.
    Jakson is still vomitting! He is 9months old. Please help us.
    I am really not enjoying him at the moment with the constant vomitting and would love some advice to help decrease his vomitting. He vomits everything, all his solids and milk.
    We have tried the Padbury Pharmacy wonder mixture with no effect at all. Have tried everything under the sun with not much effect.
    Will this ever end? I would have thought by 9 months it would be over, but still spending the majority of my time in the laundry.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Shannon and Jakson

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    Shannon, reflux sucks, honestly it is a really, really bad disease that is mistreated and misdiagnosed so often. If he is happy then all you can do is thicken feeds, if he is miserable then you need to get him on some meds, go to a doctor and tell them that you know what it is, tell them your friend is a nurse and said that you need to try something, get them to listen, Parker has extreme reflux and this was not properly diagnosed until he was past one.

    Unfortunately reflux meds won't stop vomitting. There is a condition called delayed gastric emptying, this is when the body doesn't empty food or liquid quick enoguh which will cause them to vomit a lot or refuse food because they are always full, there is a medication and a test for this, so this could be a possibility. This med is called domperidone and you would either need a paed or a gastric paed to prescribe it or do some testing.

    I really am sorry you aren't enjoying your little boy, I know with Parker I used to pray for the day he was one, because I naively thought all kids grow out of it by one, but this is not the case. That is when I started looking for answers and I wish I had done it sooner.

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    Hi thanks for your reply. Jakson has already been on domperidone and it made no difference. He was on it for 2months with no effect. Every morning I wake up and hope to god that today he doesn't vomit.
    I do enjoy him, but just get so frustruated when all I do is clean up vomit all day long.
    He is not miserable at all. When he does vomit he rubs his hands in it and thinks its great fun. So in that way I guess we are lucky that he is not in any pain.
    Thanks again for your reply.

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    Hi Shan,
    I am not an expert by any means but have you tried any alternative therapies? My homeopath says that it can really help. And I have also heard an osteopath can help. Perhaps there are other alternatives out there as well?
    Good luck with it!

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    We had the same problem. We were told to put him on solids at 4 months as this would help settle it... it didn't. Then we were told to try losec... didn't help.

    Next we were told when he turned 1 and/or started walking (so being upright more) it would decrease... it didn't.

    Basically he grew out of it at about 18 months (it did decrease for a while then stop and start on and off). It's not fun, and you spend a fortune on washing detergent and wasting water, but we didn't really find anything that helped. I think it just stops eventually...

    Sorry - not much help am I?

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    Thanks for your replies. We have tried a chiro which actually made it worse. I think we will just have to wait for him to grow out of it hey? I thought they vomit because of the weak valve in theit throat, but shouldn't it have matured enough by now? He is 9months old.
    We are going back to the paed today and we are going to start him on motilium again to see if that helps. When he had a ultrasound it showed a sluggish gut, so hopefully this time the motilium will work for him.
    Thanks again
    Shannon and Jakson

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    We had the same problem with my DD. For the first 8 months of her life she vomited all day every day. I was so embarassed for friends or family to hold her as it was not just a little bit of vomit......but buckets. Her and I went through numerous outfit changes a day!
    I tried everuthing, and I mean everything! Zantac, zoton, chiro's,infants firend,donnalix,etc
    Finally, after 8 months, my paed said that maybe she had a milk allergy. She was put on to Pepti-junior, which is a more broken down formula to the HA. After 2 weeks her vomiting stopped!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You need to get a prescription for this formula from a GP or paed.
    Please give it a go, I know what it is like. Every new remedy you get your hopes up and then nothing!
    We have since seen a Gastro Dr and his theory that refux and allergy go hand in hand.

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    thankyou so much. will the doctor only give you a script for this on a rare occasion or should any doctor give it to me?
    is that formula different to necocate?

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    We're in the same boat Shannon.
    Jambin still vomits a lot, even though it doesn't seem to give him pain any more. I'm tired of all the laundry and I freak every time I hear him burp because it's usually followed by a vomit. I feel really sorry for him too - it can't be nice having a vomit taste in your mouth all day.

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    With DD, they put her on pepti-junior first, and then neocate if things did not improve. Neoate is the next level, apparently it is a synthesised milk. Pepti-junior is just even more broken down than the HA formula., so I think the doctors like trying that one first.I had no trouble getting it from my GP. Good Luck it really is worth trying. Let me know how you get on.

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    i was once told that if you cool down boiled water and add a little bit of salt, put 1 drop of this water into each of the babies nostrils and this apparently helps with the reflux.

    im no doctor and i havent tried it, but i was suggested to me.

    has anyone tried this?

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