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Thread: Just a tiny DROP of panadol sends her to sleep????

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    Question Just a tiny DROP of panadol sends her to sleep????

    My baby often finds it hard to sleep during the day, even when she is really tired she just cries because she doesn't want to sleep and drives me crazy. She is 5 months old and started teething a couple of weeks ago. I am not always sure if/when she is in pain. I sometimes give her a minute drop of panadol, no where near a dose. I literally just dip the syringe thing in the panadol and pop it in her mouth and she sucks it off vigorously and is out like a light. I don't understand why she does this, I don't know if it is normal? My guess is that the taste of the panadol is nice and it probably feels good on her gums as it seems to have a slight numbing effect. Any suggestions?

    My concern is that the panadol can't be good for her little tooth, and also I don't want to encourage her to sleep only if she gets a taste of panadol.

    I've just read a few posts, I am wondering what these medicines do, and if they would be better than the panadol but have the same effect:

    Brauers Teeting Relief
    Rescue Remedy
    Infants Friend

    Can anyone enlighten me? I really would prefer to use something more natural than panadol if at all possible.

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    Hey Cazzacan

    It is so tough when they aren't having proper sleeps isn't it! Both frustrating and exhausting..

    You are right in saying that panadol is not something (even it a drop) that we should give our babies regularly. It is a medication and should be used for the purpose it was manufactured for. Panadol doesn't directly make babies sleepy. But sucking does, so it's likely that her vigorously sucking is what is doing the trick. Or, if she has a little pain and the paracetamol relieves it then that may help her sleep (but by the sounds of the dosage you are giving, it isn't likely to have much of an analgesic effect)..

    Great idea to look at some other techniques or more natural things to help her. And have you spoken to a GP, or you child health nurse to see if there is anything else going on that is stopping her from sleeping? Teething is such a bugger for them, but you say that "often" she has trouble sleeping so I assume it has been happening for a while..Anyway, just thought I would suggest that maybe there is another underlying reason why she won't sleep.

    Hope someone can help you out with some info on those natural remedies, and that things start improving really soon

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    I dunno how babies get like that but it sounds like she doesn't get enough Panadol to be of any use anyway. I swear my little boy used to relax once he got a dose of something.
    I always gave him the Brauers (teething, fever, colic relief etc) because in the back of my mind - the Brauers is natural and if it's some sort of placebo effect I would rather it be with something much more natural.

    The Brauers is really good stuff. I felt safe using it.


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