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Thread: Losec & Constipation?

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    Question Losec & Constipation?

    Does anyone know if a side effect of Losec is constipation? DS seems to be having a lot of trouble going to the toilet (and has done for weeks now) and has now developed an anal fissure. The doctor suggested Coloxyl drops which seem to work for a day or so and then the problem starts all over again. I also dont feel comfortable using a laxative constantly on him. I dont think it is his milk intake, as he is breastfed and supplement feed with NAN HA gold, previously having been on Karicare. I thought i may start giving him a small amount of prune juice each day, but not sure if this is 'allowed'.

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    "Gold" formulas have been known to cause constipation, this may very well be your little one's problem.

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