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Thread: Nappy rash and teething

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    Question Nappy rash and teething

    Hi everyone, I have a 9 month old who experiences terrible nappy rash whenever he gets a tooth, it comes on so quickly & is bright red & swollen, it causes him so much pain.
    Why does this happen? I feel so helpless & I have a bad feeling this is going to continue for every tooth.


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    Default's horrid isn't it. I have no idea why it happens, I know my DD get's it when she is teething too. I try to ease her discomfort by changing her nappy more frequently, I lather on the sudocream as I think it is soothing also and I give lots of nappy off time. Oh..and lots of cuddles! It makes you feel so helpless doesn't it. I would be interested to know why it happens also. Sorry I was no help!

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    Yep My DD was the same i got a cream from the chemist which has an antifungal agent in it as well and one application and it works wonders- better than any other cream i've tried.

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