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    Hi All

    Does anyone know the ingredients of the Padbury Pharmacy Mixture? I think I read somewhere it was a mixture of Donnalix and something else. Is it safe to use with Losec?



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    Adi, I'd be checking with your Dr before adding any new medications for your child, just to be sure in case there are any interactions. Maybe call the pharmacy, find out what's in it & then call the Dr to check if it's ok.

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    Hi Adi - i am not sure of the ingredients. There used to be a lady on this site that would have know but she doesnt post on here anymore. I am pretty sure it is safe to give with Losec - we did. You can always give Stephen or Alex at the Pharmacy a call. When we got it, the pharmacist knew we were on Losec and didnt say anything about them not being able to be used together.

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    the mixture contains donalyx and gastrogel, gastrogel is anantacid and is safe to be used in a child that is on losec however it cant be given an hour either side of losec as gastrogel is an anacid and will stop the losec working

    basicly donalyx is an anti spasmotic basicly baby version of buscapan, you do need to be care ful with the dosage of donalyx becuase it works on muscles

    I would tak to the pharmasist about weather or not he recomends the mix or to be useing the meds if and when needed

    i spoke to him a few months ago and the pharmasist him self told me this infomation as i was asking if the mixture was worth my DD going on but when i told him she uses donalyx and gastrogel he said wel ther you go thats the mixture i make

    the action of the two in stopping or easing the pain is that the gastrogel wil stop the burning and the donalyx will ease the tummy of bowel pains

    Good luch with it

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