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Thread: Teething really really badly

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    Default Teething really really badly

    Ned hasn't been eating solids for the last week. I took him to the doc (a new one who was really bad, but don't get me started!) and he's done a urine sample (to check for UTI just in case - he's had one before) and bloods to test iron just in case.

    Anyway it looks like he has at LEAST 3 nasty nasty teeth coming through which look really red and sore (eye teeth AND molars). He just wants BF all the time at the moment and had a shocking night sleep last night (the worst ever). I'm trying to up my fluids and I've increased my motilium so that my supply can keep up with him atm.

    He has never taken any meds orally. I have to give him panadol suppositories and he won't let me near him with bonjela or Brauers teething relief or anything.

    Anyway does anyone have any tips, or has anyone else's kids ever teethed so badly?

    And to top it all off he just got really worked up when I left him downstairs to quickly put Lucie to bed and spewed up all his milk

    Oh he's having plenty of wet nappies definately getting a fair bit of milk.

    Pffft to all those 'experts' that say teething causes nothing. If they could see my poor son at the moment they'd think otherwise.

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    THanks for your quick reply Caro. That gel stuff sounds great but he just won't let me near his mouth AT ALL unless it's with a nipple! I might chuck a wet facewasher in teh freezer for him to chew and yeap I have some of those teething rings - I am an idiot, I forgot about those! (it's amazing how quickly you forget between kids I reckon lol!). He's just sooooo not himself. Poor munchkin.

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    We're in teething hell here at the moment too. He's just writhing in pain Off to put facecloth in freezer right now, thanks Caro.

    And yeahhhh i say pffft to the experts too Soph!!!!

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    This could be a really dumb suggestions, but have you tried putting the bonjela on a nipple before a feed? If he takes the nipple maybe he'll get some of it on his gums that way. What do you reckon?

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    Definitely put something in the freezer for him to suck on. Nina loved the dummy or bottle which had been in the freezer.
    Caro, what's that teething relief you're talking about? Nina's not too bad with her teething, but I'm thinking of having something on hand once this next bub is at teething stage (something other than bonjella).

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