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Thread: Temperature with teething??

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    Default Temperature with teething??

    My DS (6.5 months) has a slight fever (37.9 degrees) and I'm not sure why. He doesn't appear to be sick (had his ears checked recently, no cold). He was difficult to settle last night and has been particularly whingy and sensitive this morning. I was just wondering if they can get a slight fever when teething or even if this sounds like teething. He's been dribbling and chomping for ages. When should I take him to the doctor with regards to the fever?

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    He might be teething. DS gets the drooling and munching etc. Can you see any bulges on his gums?

    DS always gets a temperature when teething (though he did get 8 at once so maybe that had something to do with it), and my GP told me to expect him to because the pain alone could cause it.

    I was told to go to the doctors if his temp was over 39C, but he is 16months old.

    If your worried, then take him to the doctors.

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    A Dr will say never assume a temp is teething, obviously so if there is something wrong, you dont' ignore that, but saying that I am sure coco has had a temp twice that was just teething. It didn't last longer than a day and a teeth popped up a day or two after. Also coco had a couple of illnesses where she only had temps and nothing else, for days. Just gave panadol and neurofen, not much else you can do. Just keep an eye and if the temp doesn't reduce with medicine go and get checked. xoxo

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    Oh teething just love this part of bringing up kids.Lol!

    My dd always got a temp when teething her forhead was swety and she was clingy and sooky for days on end. She was on and off. I gave her everything and nothing worked and then i found Nurofen! Yeah This is the only medicine that has worked for my dd. She did though have alot of teeth and her back molars etc coming through so she was in alot of pain poor thing.

    If the temp is anything over 38deg i would take DS to the dr to have a checkup just to be sure.

    Is his temp going up and down so some days high and others ok as my dd was the same when she was teething. Maybe try and look inside his mouth to see if gums are red and swollen and any bumps if so i would give him some nurofen before bed and also again in the morning (read directions on label bottle) and see if this works. If not go to the dr as they know best.

    Good luck with it all and i hope it is resolved soon for you.


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    About 2 days before DS got his first tooth he had a fever of 37.6. This happened with DD too. Dr said it couldn't possiblety be from teething, but it was.

    it could be his teeth. give him some panadol and see if it goes to normal. I would suggest taking him to the GP if he get another high temp after though, just to rule out any sickness.

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