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Thread: bedtime stress

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    Cate, I can't believe that XDP won't let you call to see how she is that bull****. I'm sure El would love to hear your voice over the phone. Is there anyone else you can call that you get on with? One of his friends or family and you can find out how they're going?

    I really hope the time flies quickly for you hun

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    i have been responding to the other thread- 'help my 18 month wont sleep' so not sure if this post will double up. We are having similar problem at night time. We have just gone to 1 sleep during the day and 'dec' has been sleeping 2-2.5 hr in this one block - so by 7-7.30 pm he is really tired and waniting to go to his cot. We do tea, bath,bottle about 15min before bed, quiet time,brushteeth, read book and music-then i sit with him till he sleeps which has been taking about 40min-(still wishing this to be cut in half the time) We have only been doing this routine for last week but he is settling better at night. --- still early days but i think the drop to one sleep seems to be suiting his patterns alot better.(with 2 sleeps he wasn't going down till 8.30 and waking at 6.30 as well as through night) last 2 days only waking for dummy asleep by 7.45pm even though showing signs at 7 of tiredness and waking 7.30am!!

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