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Thread: Bella is waking up all night and is really hard 2 put down during the day

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    Unhappy Bella is waking up all night and is really hard 2 put down during the day

    During the night im up anywhere between 5-7 times. This happened while teething, then she was sleeping really good again. On the weekend 4 the 1st time i left her with mum, at mums house for 4 hrs around her bed time, as i had a birthday 2 go 2. Today it was hopeless 2 put her 2 sleep, then i gave her my dressing gown 2 use as a blanket and she's out like a light.
    Now im worried as i have another birthday 2 go 2 this weekend though this one im not going 2 b home till about 4am (it's her godfathers 21st). Hopefully it'll b better this time as mums sleeping at my house so Bella has her own bed and of course im leaving expressed milk in bottles 4 her.
    My questions is am i doing the wrong thing, leaving her?

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    No, there's nothing wrong with leaving them! They need to know that it's OK to be safe sleeping with other family members. If you don't, it's harder to persuade them as toddlers! I was lucky as my DS has always been an excellent sleeper ALTHOUGH he did have to get used to sleeping at PIL's and mum's.

    They will get used to it

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    Kass - I know exactly what you're going through. Izzy is doing the same as Bell at the moment and we're supposed to be going out next week, leaving her with my ILs. I'm stressing about it already. If it was my mum, I'd be ok because Iz is so happy with her, but she just doesn't see her other grandparents enough - their fault, not mine!! I think you can only give it a whirl leaving her, and just make sure that your mum knows that if she gets really distressed to give you a call so you at least have the option of coming home.

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    No you are not doing the wrong thing at all, we all need some "us" time & I'd rather my bubs home in bed than dragging them out to a party with loud music, no sleep & so one IYKWIM.
    I would just make sure your Mum follows the same routine you would. My Mum had never met Charlie when we went home at Christmas...he was 8months. Two days after we got to their place she took him home from the pub after tea, bathed, fed & put him to bed & he went down no probs at all - we were very lucky. Though now he's gotten very clingy in the past couple weeks & we will be home again in a weeks time & he will be left with MIL for first time ever........this could be interesting.
    Remember bubs around that age are just starting to get clingy, they will grow out of it. Being at home should be good & dont forget to leave your dressing gown with her if that works.

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