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Thread: change in sleep patterns

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    Question change in sleep patterns

    hey there

    My six month old daughter Molly has recently changed her sleep patterns during the day. She normally has two naps of up to one and a half hours each during the day but lately she sleeps a max of forty five minutes at each nap. I have tried putting her back to sleep but most of the time she is reluctant and won't settle back to sleep. I guess I'm worried that she isn't getting enough sleep as she is not settling as well in the evening.

    Has anybody else's babies changed their sleep pattern like this? She recently cut two teeth and I'm thinking perhaps she has some more coming through which could be the cause for her bad sleep during the day. I'm pretty lucky at night though as she seems to be sleeping through OK after her 10pm feed and I would have thought teething would effect her in the evening as well.....
    Its almost as though she comes into her light sleep and can't get herself back to sleep. She generally wakes up and sings for awhile and then starts crying if I dont' come in after awhile.

    Any ideas?

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    My DD was always a bit prone to cat-napping and often found it hard to get beyond 1 sleep cycle.

    But I do remember a particularly unsettled time / time of change around 6.5-8 months, so it could just be a developmental thing and your DD may go back to her old pattern soon.

    Have you thought about trying to fit 3 naps into her day, as they are tending to be shorter? Maybe this would be easier than trying to get her to go back to sleep. And does she wake happy? If so, I wouldn't be too worried.

    My DD used to do 3 naps/day up until about 8.5/9 months, but I have never been able to get her to go back to sleep after shes woken, once she's awake that's it....

    I remember it being really hard when they start to have less sleep, hope you are adjusting. All the best.

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