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Thread: Co Sleeping or a Wrestling Competition

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    Default Co Sleeping or a Wrestling Competition

    We have always co-slept. DS starts the night happily in his cot (goes to bed at 7pm) and inevitably is in our bed by morning as he will get wakeful at some point (usually anywhere between 11-3am)

    Anyway, this was working brilliantly, as soon as we'd pop him in between us he'd fall back into a deep sleep until a reasonable hour (eg 6am-ish)

    In the last week or so, he has become REALLY restless in the mornings - around 4ish and will roll, move, lie on top on me or DH, lay across our back, heads and toss and turn. I've stopped using his grobag as he was just getting tangled up in it, and making sure he is warm enough etc, tried cuddling him into me. I've changed his nappy to make sure he was not too wet and last night we even gave him milk at 3am in desperation after he'd been wakeful since 1am (he hasn't had an overnight bottle since he was about 12 months), the night before he slept 7pm-5am without stirring (this is HIGHLY unusual)

    We are going mad - I can't co-sleep like this - We have a king size bed and DH and I are literally hanging onto our sides of the bed while DS wriggles around in the middle (and often whining etc) keeping us all awake. If I leave him in his cot he just cries out or plays with his musical mobile until we go and get him.

    I cant work out the cause - or how to get back to our peaceful cuddly co-sleeping back

    Any ideas?

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    How's it going now? Just a phase, I hope?
    I don't have any ideas, but would love to hear othet people's as DD does this too (not till 6am though, so I can cope).

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    Nai, I'm hoping someone is going to say it's just a phase....from what I've been seeing from here and FB, DD is doing much the same as DS in most strokes of life atm!

    For us, we've been trying to manage this hurdle for a while, she'll do it for a couple of nights, and then sleep right through in her cot again. But last night I just couldn't do it, couldn't bring her back to bed with us, felt awful doing it, but after a few nights in a row with the baby tango happening, she woke at 12.30 and I just sat on the floor in her room, stroking her forehead until she went back to sleep. Took a while and she was NOT happy about it to begin with, but I couldn't manage another night of feet wedged into my back, or feeling like I had a brick resting on my head. But she finally dozed off and I crawled out of her room (I have creaky knees so was too scared to stand), and she slept again until 6am. I know her incisor teeth are giving her grief right now, she's had one creep through barely and the others are showing signs, and I had just put it down to that, so couldn't believe it when I saw your post and know exactly what you're going through (yet again )

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