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    just moved 8 month old into cot during day (previously slept on our bed and during night) however, she seems to wake after one sleep cycle around 40mins! is this her just getting used to new surroundings and will eventually sleep longer, or is she getting older andnot needing as much sleep?

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    It could be either of those, but I'd be more inclined to say it's the new surroundings. Have you tried settling techniques to help her go through to the next cycle?

    ETA: forgot to say woohoo to DD for moving into cot for sleeps!

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    yeah i try to pat, or pick up and rock or sometimes lay her down on a matress on the floor and booby her back to sleep. i started her in cot at night too and she still wakes after 30-40mins, booby back to sleep in bed and then transfer to cot and then she has a couple of hours!! i get sick of it and let her back in bed for the rest of the night. plus, i find I cant sleep properly without her!!!!!!

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    Could be the age (translation: please tell me its the age and it'll stop soon)

    For the past week or two I put Lucas down at 7pm, 40-45min later he wakes & has to be boobed back to sleep, often wakes again next cycle to be boobed again, then sometimes again 90 min later. He wakes at 4am when I bring him into bed, and he's on an off the boob (mostly asleep) until we get up.

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    i know how you feel about *please let it be the age*... but i dunno. sometimes i feel like hannah will be attached to my booby overnight forever!

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