thread: Day sleeps - how long?

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    Question Day sleeps - how long?

    I know every baby is different but how long should i 'expect' my baby (3months) to sleep for during the day? I try to get him down in his cot 3 times a day and he sleeps for roughly 40- 1hour a time. Occasionally he will surprise me and do a 2 hour stint (ususally on the days we need to be somewhere). My MCHN told me he is not sleeping long enough and i should make him sleep another 'cycle'. I feel abit stupid standing there patting his shoulder and saying 'go back to sleep', when he is clearly wide awake and refusing to shut his eyes. He is sleeping through the night - goes down about 8pm and generally wakes between 6.30 - 7.30am. He also sleeps in the pram and baby Bjorn - which i try to use either at least once a day. This may all sound a little vague, but i just want to be sure i am doing it 'right'. Thanks - Em

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    you cant force them to sleep. just see wat u think works. if he is sleeping through the night then that is great. if u try to push him to sleep more through the day he might not sleep as much at night. my nephew is 4 months and he has 1 to 2hr sleeps but it is only like 2 times a day and of a night he wakes constantly.
    If he "needed" more sleep then he would be sleeping longer.

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    as a baby Jack rarely if ever slept more than 40min and he too was sleeping thru personally I think as long as your getting enough sleep etc,a nd bubs is happy then all is good

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    I think his sleep schedule sounds just fine. If he is getting 3 sleeps a day and sleeps through the night then that pattern is obviously working for you. Bubs are all different and there is no correct sleep pattern, it's whatever works for your little family.

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    My daughter was the same at a similar age - sleeping well at night and only needing a few day naps. I figure if its working for you and if he isnt grizzling and upset that he is getting over-tired then thats fine. You will find as he gets older and more active his sleep patterns will change again.

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    Thanks for all your replies girls. Just a quick update - over the past few days i have managed to get DS to sleep for 2 hours for his morning & lunchtime sleep by just putting his dummy back in and putting on his music box when he starts to stir,and not talking to him or patting him. He has been going right back to sleep. I think before when i would talk to him, he thought i was coming to have a play! Thanks again

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