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Thread: How do you co sleep safetly with a newborn?

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    Question How do you co sleep safetly with a newborn?

    Hey all

    Well my DD is just iver a week old and has pretty much let me know that she sleeps with me or we dont sleep at all!!

    Atm she normally will sleep well in the crook of my arm or on my chest.

    But how do you safetly co sleep with a newborn??? One who has to be close to you?

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    Hi Beatrix, I know there is a product out there called the Arms Reach Universal Co Sleeper. It looks like a portacot but it attaches to most standard sized double, queen or kind sized beds. It means you can have your baby close to you in bed without the fear of rolling over/smothering. It also means you can cuddle and bond (obviously what your little one needs right now). Hope that helps!

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    My youngest was like that in the beginning so I just slept semi sitting up with her on my chest..

    I have a safe and secure sleeper. You can get them from Big W for under $50. I only used mine a handful of times in the actual bed though but they are great for taking out when visiting too..

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    I've never done anything special, other than all the recommendations like don't use a duvet or heavy quilt, I don't wear very loose clothing. All my babies have slept right up against me since they were born (near the 24 hr milk bar ). I've always been surprised how aware of them I am, even in my sleep. If I'm super tired, I get DH to be the one that is close to them for the first part of the night and then I take over at the first feed.

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    Thank god im not the only one Kara. I am so aware of my babies in the bed with us , although we do have a duvet but i have never found it difficult. I slept topless for the first few weeks (until we were in hospital) and found that mateauz slept right in under and around my bb (if that makes sence)
    He's been sleeping on his side with his arm around my bb now and nuzzles right in.

    good luck babe

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    I never used anything special, sometimes I would put her in her anti-roll pillow (safe and sound brand) but not all the time. Even if she flinched, I would wake up. I love co-sleeping with our daughter, it's beautiful....

    I hope you enjoy it as much as me!

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