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Thread: Mother/Baby units - advice please!!

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    Default Mother/Baby units - advice please!!

    I have posted previousky about DS sleep issues . He is 9.5 weeks old and never slept well from day 1. Currently sleeping no more than 3hrs at a time overnight and that is only if co-sleeping. During the day it can take me ages to get him to sleep (in an Amby hammock) and then will only sleep between 10-45mins. I have tried EVERYTHING to resttle him but nothing has worked as yet. Dummy has shortned time to get him to sleep but doesn't keep him asleep whether still in as he stirs or not.
    Will sleep reasonably well in HAB - up to 3.5hrs in the mornings but I just can't "wear" him all day especially in the hot weather.
    He is very unsettled baby and does have some reflux issues so some of the wakefullness may be assocated with pain but I feel that even if we sort this out, the sleep problems will remain. he is currently on zantac and mylanta - very little difference so I am about to trial Losec and also eliminating dairy from my diet (soley BFing)
    I am getting towards desperation - i would like and really need some sleep and "time out" from him during the day. Mostly, however, I feel for the poor little man who seems so overtired and unhappy most of the time .
    Seriously considering calling up North park, Mitcham or Massada mother/baby units at least to give me a break but am very concerned I will be "pushed" into CC -type methods which I am not at all comfortable with.
    I spoke with Tweedle a few days ago and am actually booked for a day session in 3 weeks but I was not inspired by the conversation I had. Despite her assurances that babies his age would not be subjected to CC, what she described sounded like just a dampened down version. it was all " your baby MUST learn this and that" - sounded like baby boot camp to me!
    Has anyone been to one of the private centres (or tweedle) and have any thoughts/advice for me?
    Or is there someone/an organisation who would come to my house over a few days to watch what is going on and offer help? I think I am getting beyond all the "tips and tricks" that can be offered over the phone.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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    oh Meredith *hugs*

    There are doula's out there for post birth care. They can give you a break for a few days, it can be dear. Otherwise there are nanny orginsations which you can call to give you a few days where you can sleep & have him with you still.

    I took Matilda to sleep school when she was 11 weeks because I couldn't cope anymore with her not sleeping. They did the dampened CC and we decided that we would have a go and see how she responded & if in the end we hated it than we would stop. I hated it and told them what I could do and what I couldn't do. They didn't like it, but I stuck to my guns & got help and support for a week. I did learn some things while I was there that helped give me confidence in the longer term. And I did get some breaks and rest which was desperately needed. AND... I came home & modified what I had learned to what we were comfortable doing in our house.

    For us we learned that Matilda cried & screamed no matter if I was holding her or if she was in her cot. I refused to leave her alone during it, but we learned that she would cry or scream for the same amount of time. So I would sit next to her cot & pat her bottom until she was asleep (they wanted me to leave the room... but I wouldn't). They didn't like me doing it until she was asleep either... but it was my compromise.

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