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Thread: Please don't send me to the looney bin.......

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    i think the sleeping bag is a great idea!!
    DS was never wrapped so we never had weanign issues, but i agree with previous posters.

    Does bubs have a special blankie?

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    Sez - my little man doesn't like to be wrapped but kept waking himself up with his own movements and then could not settle back to sleep. So ....... I introduced a muslin wrap this week for him to hold when he goes to sleep. It seems to be working too!!! Last night he had 2 lots of 3 hours between feeds (so at least 2 hours of sleeping in a row) and this morning had a 2 hour sleep too. Yay I will admit that I have also started to use an Amby hammock in the past week and he seems to be getting used to it and sleeping longer so I am not sure which it is that is working but the wrap to cuddle is worth a try for a day sleep if you need an alternative.

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