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Thread: Sleep problems ? really need help

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    Default Sleep problems ? really need help

    DD has sleep has always been a bit up and down. At it?s best she?ll go straight down for her day sleeps and sleep for two hours and for ages she was really easy to settle at night ? though after 2am things normally went pear shaped.

    At the end of November she was OK to settle in the evening and sleeping until about 4am then having a feed and going back down. Then all of a sudden it was taking me an hour to settle her and she would scream when I put her in her cot. She ended up sleeping with me all the time and feeding every hour overnight but then refusing to feed or eat during the day. I don?t sleep well when she?s in with me and neither does she but sometimes it?s the only way to get through the night.

    I used some of the techniques from ?the no cry sleep solution? to get her back into her cot and things improved over Christmas but things have gotten worse again ? last night was awful. I took her into sleep with me and she hit me, scratched me and woke every hour.

    She sleeps in a cot in ?our? room (DH is sleeping in the spare room so he can get some sleep). I?m thinking of moving her to her own room just so I can get some space sometimes. We?ve tried having her wrapped before but she?s rolling around a lot now and it seems dangerous to do it again. DH hates the idea of a safety sleep.

    None of us are getting any sleep and I?m now putting her down asleep for all of her sleeps. I really hate the idea of letting her cry in her cot but I think we?ve tried nearly everything else.

    I just don?t understand. She used to love going into her cot but now she screams and throws her dummy and gets really worked up ? even though I stay with her.

    I just don?t know what to do and the lack of sleep is just ruling our lives.

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    I'm there with you on the sleep depravtion!

    Don't have much advice, but hang in there it might just be a passing stage - could be be teething? (the tickers are down so dunno how old she is.) Hope she settles easier for you soon.

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