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    Georgie is 3.5 months and had started sleeping through the night, roll over feed at 9.30pma nd then was not waking until somewhere between 5 and 6.30am. That occured for a couple of weeks. However the last week she has started to wake around 1.30am. I've been not feeding her and just putting in her dummy which she does go back to sleep but only for an hour, I can repeat this rountine through to 5-6am when she then asks for a feed. Any suggestions on how to stop this night waking. I'm comtemplating feeding her at 1.30 (or whenever she wakes the first time) and I'm sure she would feed but I'm sure she is not waking because she is hungry.

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    how many feeds is she getting during the day?

    babies change their sleeping habits so regularly, just as you were beginning to get used to one pattern they change and begin night waking etc, my girl is going on 8 months and the last week has been brilliant, prior to that we were all over the shop.

    if i were you i would try feeding when she wakes then resettling, if she resettles fine an goes back to sleep then she's possibly hungry, and a 15 minute feed is a lot better than up every hour with the dummy (speaking from experience!!).... 3.5 months is still pretty young so i would probably try a feed and see if it makes any difference. its hard when they sleep thru and then stop isnt it?! you almost wish it had never happened as then you start trying to figure out why why why why did it end!

    good luck let us know how u go....

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    Our little fish stopped sleeping from 8pm to 5am at about 3.5months. He started waking for an extra feed between 2am and 3am. It wasn't until he was nearly 5months that he's stopped waking up. This last two weeks, he's slept from 6:30pm until somewhere between 5am and 7am with his last feed being at 6pm. Fingers crossed I haven't cursed us to broken nights sleep now!

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