thread: * Caffeine & Fertility

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    colleeg Guest

    Hi girls yes this is definetly a good one!
    I drank a fair few cups a day with #1 about 3-4 just out of habbit at work,although i do drink a good 2 litres of water a day.. but is a very interesting study, & wondering if I should cut back or try decaffinated, you can get some Ok tasing ones these days!

    its just nice and coforting!

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2006
    Melb, Vic

    hi loves,

    Ive heard that coffee is good for the sperm, gets them up and going!! Apparantley its better for the male to drink coffee than the female when ttc. But 1-2 cups per day should be ok. Im still having my morning coffee (although I ask for a weak one) and then my instant at night after dinner. I was drinking less coffee, and I quit smoking the first time round and I got pg almost straightaway, but I still had a loss. So dont read too much into these sorts of articles I say, as long as you are generally healthy and having coffee etc in moderation, you should be right.

    Good luck to all