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    dolphin22 Guest


    Hey Liz,

    The laparoscopy was a little painful, but the pain only lasted about 3-4 days. Once the pain went was when i was up and doing things. Im a sook when it comes to stuff like that, i almost fainted while having a shower because of the blood and stuff, i had to have my boyfriend there with but you will be fine.


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    Hi Liz.

    I have had two laps the day following the laps I spent the day in bed, but was up on my feet the following day and was back to work within the week.

    Love :hbeat:

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    zoe Guest


    Hi Liz,

    I'm a bit the same as you and I never even take panadol but after 2 yrs ttc I finally went on clomid. I was on 50mg and on the first cycle I O'd but didn't happen but on the second month it did. It all worked very well I would say!! So there is hope out there and I know there are risks but for me they were worth the risk. Good luck with your decision!

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    I was on Clomid for 12 cycles with a 3 month break in between. Thoughout I did O, so it was successful for me there, however I did not fall pg in that time.

    I did have pretty bad side effects, but if it works it is worth them.

    Best of Luck!


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