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    Jan 2005

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    Hi girls,

    Just have a quetion to ask, my doctor said that my uterus is retroverted and she said is normal. But I heard it is more difficult to get pregnant, is that true? Any tips about position etc that will help TTC? OR direct me to any thread if this topic has been touched before.

    Much appreciated!

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    Hi there,

    I'm not sure I can give you any actualadvice, but a girl who works with my DH has this type of uterus.......I believe it can be likened to a heart shaped uterus?

    Anyway, she got pregnant (quite quickly.....not long TTC) last year and her OB diasnosed the retroverted at her 8 week scan.

    She was PG with twins, and lost one of them at 9 weeks (which apparently is very common with twin pregnancies) but carried the other baby full term and now has a beautiful baby girl of 9 months.

    Just wanted to share that to give you a positive slant!

    Best of luck,

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    I can't help you with retroverted as mine in anteverted, but I had no major trouble in falling pregnant.

    I have seen a few websites though that say it shouldn't cause any problems here is a quote from one
    A retroverted uterus -- one tipped backwards -- is normally seen in up to 20 percent of all women. It is definitely not a cause of infertility

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    Aug 2004

    I have a retroverted uterus and for me it didnt hurt my fertilty. However having 6 unexplained miscarriages makes me wonder if it was one of many factors that could of contributed to my losses. I do not know anything for sure so do not let it scare you. I have 2 children and one on the way so it hasnt all been bad news.

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    Feb 2004

    Snowgirl (one of the other members here) has a retorverted uterus & she got pregnant very quickly, 2nd cycle I think. Her little man was born in November.

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    Jan 2005

    Hi.. I have a retrograde uterus and it doesn't effect your fertility. It is a factor in your delivery (the Dr just needs to be aware) and possibly the way you carry.

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    Jan 2005

    Oh, thank you so much for your responses and the postive stories! That definately help, now I am looking forward to the next cycle. Hope year of Rooster will give me good luck!

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    I have a retroverted uterus, and it didn't hinder my ability to fall PG at all. I had 2 m/c but that's apparently not anything to do with that. I fell PG on 3 occasions, the very first time we tried.

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    Jan 2005

    Thanks Tootie for sharing, you are so lucky to get pg on first attemp! I am just on my day 3 now and looking forward to a better luck this month!

    God bless your two angle babies!


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    Sep 2004

    Good luck BeiBei - hope you get that very very soon!


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    Thanks Keen! Just read the post about the 'yellow booties', maybe I should get one asap!