thread: * Seeking positive stories about coming off pill

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    Jun 2005

    I came off the pill on New Years Eve and fell pregnant 2 weeks later! That was a subsequent miscarriage but then I fell pregnant 2 weeks after that.

    I know off a number of people who have fallen pregnant within 3 months of coming off the pill.

    Good luck!

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    Mar 2005

    WooHoo. So many wonderful positive stories. I think you can sometimes get caught up with all the -ve experiences as people tend to discuss these more than the +ve ones (understandably) so you often forget that the majority of people have a smooth run when TTC.
    Great to hear, thankyou.

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    Nov 2005
    Brisbane, Australia


    i came off the pill after a few years in aug 2000 i had a period in aug and then one sept 17th about 4 weeks later i found out i was pregnant. i had a beautiful boy. we are now trying for number 2, i came off the pill 3 yrs ago and nothing. i have now been diagnosed with PCOS, i went back on the pill for 3 months and then stopped in the hope that it would work again like last time but it didn't. oh well keep on trying.


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    Oct 2004

    I came off the pill and AF started a few days later on 8/11. From memory, it was a 30 day cycle, but i dont think i O'ed, or at least FF doesnt think I did. I havent had excessive bleeding or really long cycles since coming off the pill, and FF seems to be detecting O now, so i suppose i had a positive experience...

    Now im just waiting for a BFP....

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    Feb 2004


    Anyone else want to add?

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    May 2005
    Mt Evelyn

    I came off the pill and within 3 months ( we weren't trying!) I fell pregnant. My cycles went back to the way they were pre pill IYKWIM.

    There is hope for you!!

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    Jul 2006
    Western Sydney

    This is a great thread! Although it's taken 52 days for AF to surface I'm feeling much more positive now after reading these stories Well done girls!

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    Jun 2006

    I came off the pill in late May with the view to chart for a few months before TTC. It took about six weeks for my first period to come, but on the first 'normal' cycle - straight after that, we fell pregnant!

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    Jul 2006
    Melbourne, Australia


    I can't answer the pregnancy part just yet, but I came off the pill and have had the following cycles:


    Which isn't too bad. You just have to come off and give it a go. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Jul 2006


    I know you are only chasing positive advice, however I came off BCP at the start of April and am only just starting to operate correctly now. I was majorly disappointed as my sisters cycle went straight back to normal and I though that the same would happen to me. No such luck.
    I do recommend seeing a naturopath if it takes a while though, mine helped me start to
    get things happening again.
    Good luck

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    Jul 2005

    Sometimes being on the pill can mask an existing problem with fertility.

    My story is that I took the pill for about 10 years with one or two breaks. Went off it for six months to give my body a break (not TTC and using alternative contraception) and my cycles were normal 28 day cycles from the first month. I went back on it and fell pg the first cycle back on the pill.

    But my ob said from looking at my scans that he isn't surprised, I have 'beautiful' ovaries (the things that impress obs!). He deals with PCOS and fertility issues with couples, so I'm guessing he sees a lot that aren't.

    I'm not using the pill for contraception ever again, even though our gorgeous baby girl is the best surprise I've ever had!

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    Aug 2006

    I came off the pill at the end of a cycle. Had one normal cycle straight away and the next month got BFP. Good luck!

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    Jan 2006

    I came off the Pill and DH was using condoms... came off the Pill in August 2005, DH ditched the condoms at Easter and I conceived in May. So that's sort-of as soon as we started "trying" (although I now say we were "seeing how it went" or "were waiting for me to get normal cycles again, but it was just taking a bit too long", depending on who asks us if the baby was planned - which is a VERY rude question, btw). However, my cycles were 32,43,44,42,45,55,?35ish (that was the pg cycle).

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    Jan 2006
    by the beach,NSW

    So far I have had a 30, 34 and 35 day cycle. I have also noticed it is even lighter than when I was on the pill. Not sure about the pregnancy yet - haven't tested it.

    I have one friend who fell pregnant with both kids the first month coming off the pill and another who only took 2 months.

    Can only wait and see!

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    Jan 2006

    Both sis and friend fell preg within 3months of coming off the pill. They had also been on it for aprox 10yrs. Good luck with TTC

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    Feb 2006
    Perth WA

    Coming off the pill

    Hey guys,
    I myself have been on the pill for almost 14 years, which is a bit scary. We are due to TTC in 3 months, so I will let you know how it goes. As for my sister, she was on the pill for as long as me and was told by her doctor that it takes up to 6 months longer for women on the pill. Ha! After only 3 months she was pregnant. The same thing happened with her second, so it just goes to show I guess. Here's hoping I might get lucky too!

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    Aug 2006
    Logan, Qld

    I stopped the pill in december, got AF 2 days l8r and that was it. Found out i was preg in Jan. One of my friends stopped taking her pill at the same time and it took her 6 months to fall preg. Everyones different. Could it also have something to do with what pill you're taking, as to how quickly you fall preg?

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    Feb 2005

    I have to agree with Jennifer that being on the pill more often than not masks a fertility problem rather than causes it. When you come off the pill, it is out of your system within days (as evidenced by the number of people who fall pregnant very quickly once they stop taking it). The chances are that if there is no underlying problem there is no reason you shouldn't become pregnant within a reasonable time frame.

    Another thing is that "a reasonable time frame" is considered to be up to 12 months (six months if you are over 35 only because of the age consideration).

    Good luck and I hope it all goes well.