thread: * Seeking positive stories about coming off pill

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    Aug 2006
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    Hello, Ellsbells, I was wondering the same thing. There is a huge difference in the dosage sizes of pills that are commonly available, as well as the type of synthetic hormone and also whether they have three different active pillsor just one type of active pill.
    Does anyone have any cited links that might shed light on this?

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    Jul 2006
    Berwick, Melbourne

    Hi. I'd been taking the pill for 11 years without any breaks. Came off and fell pg within 2 months w/o actively trying! We had to laugh, my dr did say to me when i asked him a few months earlier if i should take a break from the pill cause i had been on it so long. His advice was that if i wanted to get pg then i should come off the pill! If only we had listened (not that we would change anything for the world now!). As you can see, it really varies from person to person - being on the pill doesn't seem to change that part of the equation! Good Luck

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    Jul 2006

    With DD1 i came off the pill in Oct 05...and fell pregnant Feb 06.

    DD2 i wasnt on the pill after having DD1 and fell within 6 weeks post birth.

    I was on pill for 3 months after DD2 birth to get cycle back to 28 days again for #3...so stayed tuned for how long it takes

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    Apr 2007
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    I came off the pill and fell PG straight away. Though didn't find out till I was 7 weeks, cause I had AF type bleed at 5 weeks. Unfortunatly at 10 weeks I found out I had a missed m/c followed by D&C. 5weeks later AF returned and I fell into a 31-29 day cycle, which settled into a regular 29 day cycle. I fell PG 6 months later. I had been on the pill for 13 years.

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    Apr 2008

    I had been on the pill for 16 years and went off it in the March. AF came back regular straight away. We started TTC in the May after 2 normal cycles and fell pregnant first go!

    I have been on the BCP for almost a year now and have just stopped. Haven't had a normal cycle yet but have only been off it for 2 weeks

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    Mar 2004

    I came off the pill about 3 weeks ago, got AF straight away as I am fairly sure I ovulated at around CD14 - so straight back into a normal cycle. Got pg within 2 months of coming off pill the last two times. I also feel heaps better since stopping it. I have decided I am not going to go back on it again. Once we have bubba #4 DH is going to get the snip so I never have to take it again!

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    TTC, recently off pill

    Hi there,

    I know this thread has been cold for a little while, but it's good to read what others have experienced (and it's not like the process has changed much!!)

    I went off the pill at the end of September, AF came after a day (bright and heavy) and I've been dry as a bone ever since.

    Was looking forward for checking and charting my CM and looking for egg whites, etc, but nada.

    Stupid question - can too much sex dry you out?


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    Feb 2008

    I was on the pill for 5 years+ and once I stopped taking things seemed pretty normal and regular

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    Jul 2006
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    I came off the pill...had AF and then fell pregnant with DD.

    Came off the pill second time, got AF at scheduled time, and it has been that way withing 2 to 3 days each time..not TTC as yet so not sure how things will got there as yet.

    So not all bad

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    Aug 2008

    I was on the pill for 5 years and recently came off it and it came back on time the next month after I stopped and since have had regular cycles

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    Jul 2008

    I came off the pill in November, had AF about 3 1/2 weeks later and was pregnant in January. And I had been on the pill for 9 years, without a break (I started when I was 14 due to skin problems). I thought it was going to take months!

    Good luck!

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    Feb 2008
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    Great thread, I know it's different for everyone, but reading everyone else's stories has been interesting. I came off the pill a couple of weeks ago, timed it so that AF was due whether I would be on the pill or not, it happened as planned although lighter and shorter than I had expected (not that I was complaining, FTR I HATE it!!). So now we're just going to "see what happens". Exciting, but scary at the same time!

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    Jan 2008
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    I was on the pill for 10 years with only a couple of breaks of a month or two in there.

    Came off it in late Dec 07 & then got AF on NYE. Went for 5 cycles using alternative contraception to see what my cycle did - it was between 26 and 31 days from memory. First month trying (June) we got a BFP and we're currently half way there to meeting the little one!

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    Jan 2008

    Gosh this thread is so encouraging

    I came off the pill 4 days ago and am bleeding, hopefully I concieve in 2 weeks! lol

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    was on pill for years. went off it in march and fell pregnant in april, yay! now my little girl is 9 months old

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    Jul 2007
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    First time: I got pg a month and one day after coming off the Pill ... that's after using for almost 10 years.

    Second time: I went back on the pill after I stopped bfing my daughter, been on the pill for just over a year, took two cycles to get pg. One of those cycles began the day after I stopped taking the Pill.

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    Jul 2009
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    I am convinced the pill is the reason I have my son!

    I have an autoimmune disorder and ovulated maybe... 4 times a year. I was told it was unlikely I would be able to conceive naturally. I went on the pill just in case, which gave me regular cycles. Coming off, I expected a long, difficult time waiting for a baby, but no sooner had I missed a pill than I was pregnant!

    lol: and that's why I'm making wedding arrangements with a newborn in my lap!