thread: advice...ttc!!

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    Mar 2008
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    Question advice...ttc!!

    hi ladies,
    i suffer from endo, pcos and severe abdo adhesions and have damaged tubes and my gynae has told me to go straight to ivf when we do want to ttc.
    the brill news is dp has finally said after no pressure or me even mentioning it he wants to ttc in the next 6 months-1 seeing my gynae in may and can anybody think of anything i should ask (seeing the gynae as had the mirena put in in jan 09 lol)
    im on morphine for pain relief so im going to have see the pain management clinic about trying to change it - im prepared to put up with the pain if it achieves a baby and i wouldnt want to cause any harm.
    i know ivf doesnt always work and if it happens it would be my dream come be a mummy.
    sorry if i dont make much sense.
    love rach xxx

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    Sep 2006
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    i cant really think of anything right now to ask your gyno but if something comes up i will let you know
    just as long as the gyno has all of your history( e.g endo, pcos and stuff) then thats all that matters.

    all the best with your ttc journey, hopefully it wont be long and you will be holding your little miracle soon