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Thread: Advices/encouragements needed? What is going on with me?

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    I would agree with the others it takes a while for your cycle to get back to normal and sometimes normal is not the same as it used to be, I went from a 28day cycle with a 7 day period to a 21 sometimes longer with a 3 day heavy period.
    Treat this cycle as all fresh and enjoy your holiday, it's usually when you relax that it all falls into place.
    I have had a series of MC's and my cycle always was messed up after that and they were all around 3 months or less so going full term you would imagine messes with it even more add to that BF and BC pill.
    Good luck and enjoy your holiday!!!!!

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    Thanks. I think hearing from others' experiences reassure me that my body is okay. What scared me the most was when I haven't had it for so long... I was starting to scare myself the more I thought about it. I know that TTC#2 plus thinking about this whole thing made my body become more unsettled.

    I'm so glad that AF finally decided to come back. So, I am calculating my ovulation day as of this cycle and see if something good will come out of it. If it does, I'm sure everyone will hear me in BB.

    Thanks for all the encouragements... I needed them so much to give me heads up

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