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Thread: Anyone had Ov induced by Acupuncture?

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    Question Anyone had Ov induced by Acupuncture?

    I usually ovulate around days 19 - 23, but recently I've had a couple of months were I haven't O'd until day 28!

    I am seeing my acupuncturist on CD13 to "induce ovulation".

    Just wondering how long after the AP session I am likely to ovulate?? I guess I should start BDing on CD13 just in case, and hopefully if the AP works I will have O'd within a few days. Don't want to miss her arrival!

    Has anyone had this done, and how long after your AP session did you ovulate?

    A lady who posted on FF said her LH surge was so quick after AP, that she got a -OPK at 6pm, her surge came that night and she O'd, and her temp was up the next morning!

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    ooh...sorry, I don't have any experience so I can't tell you but let us know how you go I would love to know how effective it is.

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    Yes, I have.

    It depends - oh, yeah, helpful answer, I know.

    My acupuncturist told me that acupuncture works with your body's natural rhythm and not to expect 28 day cycles from it, unless of course you are meant to have a 28 day cycle. Me, I never got 28 day cycles from it - but it did work.

    So, basically, acupuncture might not cause you to O straight away but set things in motion - especially as things have been a bit sluggish in the last couple of months.

    Keep a check of your other fertility signs - CM and temping. Are there any changes ATM? Keep an eye on it because it may happen in the next few days, but it won't necessarily happen straight away.

    My acupuncturist had me charting in the end - even though I hate doing it. You do need to know when you have O'd because the needle points change after 0 and you need to tell you acupuncturist.

    Generally, I O'd from about day 16 - 19 from memory, although I had one cycle where I O'd twice with the acupuncture - and yep, that was a long cycle. I had weekly sessions.

    HTH - even if just a little.

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    I recently started acupuncture for fertility, and after my first session I ovulated 2 days later. I might have ovulated then anyway, but it doesn't seemed to have hurt anything at all

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    Darily Guest


    That's interesting Krystie. I hope it works for me like that and I ovulate two days after my session, that will be on CD15.

    My O day has always been quite late (around CD 21 - 23, sometimes later), so I'm not expecting miracles.

    Anyone else had any experience with Acupuncture???

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