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    Autoimmune Disorder

    We are planning to start TTC in the new year and I have come across my first hurdle.

    I have recently been to he doctor for some blood tests for an eye infection that wouldn't clear up. When the results came back they found that I had a positive result for protein in my blood. My doctor compared this to Lupus which I didn't know anything about but have since found out a lot of information on the net. On some of the Lupus support sites I saw that this disorder can cause an increased risk of miscarriage. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this disorder while TTC or being pregnant. My test results weren’t so high that I should panic yet but they want to keep an eye on it so I have to go back for tests in February. Should I hold of TTC until I get the next blood test results?

    I am eager to begin this TTC journey which we have been planning for over 12 months but I don't want to go through the heart ache of MC if I can avoid it.

    I have been reading the entry's on BB for over 12 months now but it is only now that I am starting to understand the frustration of complications that you ladies have been going through for those that have been TTC for a while now (God I haven’t really even started TTC yet so what hope have I got #-o of keeping my sanity).

    Anyways, anyone with any advice on this would be very helpful at putting my mind at ease.


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    Hi Lolly

    I can't help out too much, but I also have an auto immune disorder called "Sarcoidosis" which is very similar in some of it's presentations to Lupus. When I talked to my specialist re this condition in relation to TTC (some years ago now) he explained that there is the same risk of MC as with any woman (15-20%) but that the hormonal changes of pregnancy can often improve auto immune defficiencies.

    So I wouldn't stress too much at this stage. But if I was you, I would probably err on the side of caution & wait until after your next bloods before timing your TTC attemps, just in case. Plus I would maybe get a referral to an OB/Gyn and ask their advice as well?

    Hope this helps,

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    Hi Lolly. I am new here and plan to TTC in January. I have been going through a lot of these issues recently with my doctor as I have lupus. I completely support what Lucy has mentioned.

    I was very worried about the increased risk of miscarriage and also having to travel to see a specalist OB (I live in the country). But it turns out I was worrying for nothing!
    My lupus specialist advised me that he hasn't found that women with lupus have any trouble getting pregnant (which I was very glad to hear!). I have been in remission for about 6 years and do not have any kidney/renal damage (which can occur in people with lupus), so my specialist has given me the all clear to see any obstetrician I like and said that it was highly unlikely that I would have any problems \/

    So don't worry too much, stress would probably interfere with TTC more

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    Hi Bronners, welcome to BB

    Good luck with TTC in the new year.

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    Welcome to BellyBelly, Bronners!

    Lolly, I don't really know too much about Lupus but I have autoimmune hyperthyroidism as well as other antibodies which my docs think may possibly develop into another autoimmune disease somewhere down the track. It is possible to have an autoimmune disease and have a healthy pg and baby, you might just need to take some extra precautions and be monitored more closely during your pg.

    I would agree with Lucy and suggest waiting until your next lot of bloods come back and seeing a specialist or OBGYN to get the all clear before you start TTC. If nothing else it will put your mind to ease and you will know that you've done everything possible to give your bubs a good start.

    Wishing you all the best!

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    Guys just to give you a little more hope - one of my closest friends has Lupus (which was diagnosed after her first child was born) and she is currently pregnant with #3 and has absolutely zero trouble falling pg, infact falls almost by looking at her DH (damn her ;-) )

    But at least she is proof that not everyone has dramas and she has not ever had any problems as a result (both bubs have been on time, healthy weight, relatively trouble free labours, etc).

    All the best and hope your bub dreams come true real soon!


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    Lolly how did your tests go in February ??