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Thread: BD AM or PM?

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    Question BD AM or PM?

    I think there's logic to my theory that if you bd in the evening gravity might just give you the edge to conceive IYKWIM?
    If you bd in the morning (which we mostly do) then I always feel that it makes sense to lie on your back as long as possible but it isn't very convenient.

    What do you think?

    Any opinions or knowledge to share?


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    Hi Sassba,
    I have heard that lying down with a pillow under your bum for about 20 minutes after BDing helps the sperm find their way!
    Good Luck

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    Iam not ttc, but I am a mother of 4 and pregnant with my 5th! I can say all of mine were cocieved at night!

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    Im preg with my 2nd and i NEVER bd in the mornings.....only ever at night....

    I dont really think time of day has any thing to do with being able to conceive IMO. It comes down to mr spermies finding a friend!

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    Default mmmmm, I wonder?

    Hi Guys,
    Yep, out of interest I did a chart search ( I do have a life by the way) on fertility friend and found most successful cycles seem to have O day coincide with BD the night before.
    I always do the pillow trick, I wait for at least an hour before getting up after bd. Still you move around all day doing your normal thing whereas at night you are pretty still, I think the sperm must be happier with that.
    My Dh's hours mean AM is much better for us but I prefer night so I can drift off to sleep and jump up in the morning. Oh well......

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    BD where ever, when ever Hope you get the desired result soon!!

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    Smile I agree

    Hi Kimbaz,
    I totally agree, I just wonder if you'd have better chance if you tried to BD PM rather than AM, assuming twice a day isn't always possible?

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    Not sure... it takes 1 sperm to make a baby....and that could happen AM or PM....i guess its a hit and miss?

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