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Thread: COFFEE! Plus...Low fat milk fertility link?

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    Question COFFEE! Plus...Low fat milk fertility link?

    Wow, I am full of TTC questions and topics today.
    I've decide to cut back on coffee. I usually drink two cups of stove top espresso coffee (with skim) per day. I never thought that was excessive, I drank a lot more in my 20's thats for sure and they were short blacks, now I think yuk, bitter, but I loved it then.
    I'm sure everyones heard of the link to infertility due to possibly stopping successful implantation? I figure, may as well quit!
    So I am trying to cut back, from today. I gave up alcohol completely a while back and no problem, I didnt drink much so I just stopped! Although I sometimes meet up with a good friend who is also TTC in the first few days of both our cycles (luckily pretty much in sync), when we get BFNs, and we have champange together as a treat.

    But coffee is another story!!!!
    Any hints?

    Also, I have switched to full or skim milk versions of most dairy since that story last month about low fat milk being linked to infertility. Anyone else?

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    Not sure if this is right but I switched to decaf whilst pg and still now while I am bf. I find it tastes as good as real coffee (not instant though- proper coffee LOL)

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    Default decaf

    Hi Mrsmac, thanks, I did actually buy some very nice organic decaf the other day and I'll try that this afternoon to replace my mid arvo coffee.
    I suppose I'm not terribly confident I can handle life without coffee.
    I work at home and it gives my day structure, pathetic ha?
    Last time I gave up coffee I had to go through days of severe headaches, though I did drink more of it then. Thanks for the suggestion, sassba

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    YEP .. don't buy the low fat milk. That has been around for ages affecting fertility, milk effects fertility allready enough, it's fine when you FALL Pregnant as you need that calcium, but, while ttc you should really only have small amounts. Just drink normal milk!

    Ill try find why milk isn't the best for ttc, and post here when I get time.


    GOODLUCK as well.

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    I cut coffee out a few months ago & only drink the odd cup of tea now but apparently you have to be careful with that as well (and cola drinks). I used to be addicted to coffee and went off it cold turkey. I did not get headaches or anything. It was incredibly hard to do as I kept having cravings for it.

    I'm also trying to eliminate trans fats from my diet for the same reason but that's much harder than coffee as it's in so many things, and many companies don't list it on their products so you don't know it's in it.

    The good news is that after cutting back majorly on caffeine and trans fats I fell pregnant very quickly (after many years of infertility). The baby did not stick so I will be doing my damndest to eliminate these things entirely from my diet now as I am thinking that my diet has been contributing to my problem for all these years.

    Can't say I'd heard anything on low fat milk affecting fertility. I don't drink it these days but I used to religiously for years... perhaps that was an issue for me as well.

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    Post trans fat, skim milk & ORGANIC's best!!!

    Hi Satya, sunflowers and mrs mac,

    I agree! Transfat sounds like shocking stuff, definitely good to avoid for fertility & your heart. They did try to ban it in NYC recently and I think they tried to ban it in melbourne too. Hopefully manufacturers will be shamed into taking it out of their food soon.

    I think I probably only consume them through the previously mentioned odd biscuit ie.tim tam or the like with my mid afternoon coffee. I don't really eat any other processed food so I'm probably ok. I cant think of anything else that might have it. We use butter instead of marg so thats ok.

    Though Satya, you said that one serve can effect fertility?! I think I'll have to totally CUT tim tams out, thats for sure. Today is easter sunday so I think I'll have some chocolate but not too much.

    I have stopped low fat dairy, I have full fat if I have to or naturally low fat cheeses like Quark & ricotta. I heard skim was ok, as it is literally skimmed not messed with so I use organic skim milk for coffee and muslie. My Dh had a cancer scare a few years ago so we have been very conscious of eating organic or biodynamic since. We are in a co-op, it's fantastic. We spend less on food these days and almost every single thing in our fridge and cupboard is organic!

    Another thing....
    A while back I heard an expert talking about dairy and cancer on Radio national. She claimed a link between conventional dairy and breast cancer because of pesticides and the interaction with your hormones ie. estrogen, her advice was when it comes to dairy GO ORGANIC!! I figure it's not a bad idea.

    Well, that was a long rant, sorry. Now, if they'd just make organic and trans fat free tim tam I'd be pretty happy but I'll just have to cope.


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    ~Belinda~ Guest


    Oh girls, I have two cups of coffee per day with TRIM milk. Should I be cutting out coffee/milk all together whilst TTC #1? Worried now ....

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    Mum2Furbabies Guest


    Cutting coffee has been a big issue for me too. I have cut down to one cup a day but have bought some organic decaf 'proper' stuff so I will be making the switch to eliminate the caffienated version completely.

    I had no idea milk was an issue. I only drink organic milk but have cereal for brekky every morning - is this much milk a problem? I love milk...

    Agree wholeheartedly with Sassba - I buy organic & freerange wherever possible and eat very few prepackaged foods these days, and especially so while TTC, for both health and taste reasons!

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    Wow this was an informative thread!! I cut down on coffee to one a day and had researched that if you keep caffiene under a certain amount per day it is fine so i ahve limited it but I knew nothing about low fat dairy. Good to know!!! Can someone explain to me what sort of things I would find transfat in and how to read the labels for it. TIA

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    Default low fat milk plus trans fat

    Hi Blayz,
    Milk is ok, it's just the low fats milk thats a worry, apparently....I try to stick to full fat or skim milk and steer clear of light/lowfat/no fat. I've drank "lite" pretty much all my adult life so I hope the effect doesnt last, I just switched about 6 weeks ago. There were a lot of stories about the research about around them, you could google it for more info.
    Trans fats are apparently hidden in lots of foods like biscuits, cakes and sauces. ...I think they are used to give a certain texture or as a thickener, it's processed fat. The words "trans fat" only have to be listed on the ingredient list on "lite" products, because they need to break down the fat groups, otherwise it just come under vegetable oil or the like and looks harmless.
    I think theres a push to change it so it must be listed.
    It's also in fried foods too, I think it is used in deep fryers?? Not sure?

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    QUOTE "conventional dairy and breast cancer because of pesticides and the interaction with your hormones ie. estrogen"

    Sassba * I've read this alo. Scary hey!?

    I LOVE milk as well, now I only have real milk in my tea and the occasional choc milk with my pie on a sunday and I only drink Dairy Farmers. I might start buying Skim Milk though forgot about the skimming part only etc.

    goodluck everybody, moderation is the key , but, dno't waste money on all the fancy low fats.

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