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    Matilda Guest

    Default Could I be.....

    I think I am pregnant but would like others views.

    I will give a brief background.

    I have been off the pill for 6 months and for the first few months my boobs would get a bit bigger around ovulation time but then they would go down and that was it.

    For the last couple of weeks they have been really sore and big (different from before), I have noticed blue veins in them too. I have no idea when I ovulated but thinking it should be about 2 weeks ago by now.

    Has anyone else experienced this and got a BFP.


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    Sounds like that you maybe pregnant, I would go and get a HPT and test. When was your last period?

    hugs xoxo

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    Hi Matilda

    The best thing to do I reckon is to do a HPT and have a look! When is your AF due?

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    Matilda Guest


    Well that is the problem. My cycles have been a bit over the place. I am on CD36 today. My last cycle went for 40 days and the one before that went for 28 so I have to wait till 40 days because otherwise it might be too early for a positive result. I don't want a BFN! Heres hoping for a BFP anyway. I have had boobs that enlarge slightly before but never the blue veins!

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    Blue veins can be a hormonal thing. I've had them a number of times but only been pg twice.

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