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Thread: Could I be pregnant?

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    Smile Could I be pregnant?

    Hi Everyone

    I have been off the pill just under 3 months now. My last cycle was 32 days and this cycle is going on 36 days. I have had some cramping like I am going to get my period (this has been going on for a few days now), a little light headed, headaches and my lower back is a bit sore. I havent got any signs like sore brests. Could it just be my body getting back on track after coming off the pill? I did take a pregnancy test but it can back negative (that was two days ago).

    Fingers crossed XX


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    Hi Bree,
    There is a chance you could be pregnant,all the sympoms sound great, however I find that pg signs can also be the same as AF signs If you can hold out leave it for a week and test again. I realize this is easier said than doneIf still a BFN maybe book into the Dr. for a BT. I know that coming off the pill can play havoc with your cycle aswell, but I really hope you see those 2 lines soon.

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