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Thread: Could this be implantation bleeding?

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    Default Could this be implantation bleeding?

    Af is not due till this Thursday (i had previously thought it was last Friday, but, stuffed my dates up big time), and, last night, i had red spotting.
    After spending the evening beating myself up over why i wasnt preg, this morning, there was nothing, which is not unusual for me for the start of AF, but, just now, the spotting has turned brown, which is unusual for me.
    What do you think? Could i have hit the jack pot?
    I was so sure i am preg, as am really teary, and have been feeling just not nauseous (sp??) but, just a constant dull ache in my tum, indigestion, as well as twingly tightning sensations.

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    sounds good to me deb! I had implantation spotting and spotting on the day af was due as well. best of luck

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    Debbie how are you going hun? Just noticed your thread and thought I'd check up on you.

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