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    Crazy CM

    I was just wondering if anyone has experienced constant, ongoing EWCM??????

    I truly thought I ovulated on CD 18 as for quite a few days before then, I was getting EWCM and then on CD 17 and CD 18, I was getting big globs of it in my undies. Anyway, it seemed to dry up a little bit and then a few days later, creamy CM, mixed with EWCM and now back to lots of EWCM in undies.....

    I know it's not DH's leftovers and this seems different to last cycle. On CD 18 we did not use protection but we are not actively TTC either. I also have constant ovary type pain over the last few days....I'm up to CD 27 now.

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    I am not quite sure but maybe your body was gearing up to O and then it didn't happen for some reason and now it is gearing up to o again. I actually had this happen to me and got a positive opk and everything but didnt' o as I got sick the day of the pos opk. I then O'ed a weeks later! I had blood tests done to see what was going on at the time!
    Hope yo know what is going on soon!

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    I think maybe I can't tell the difference between watery CM and EWCM. I'm thinking that the big globs in my undies were watery CM. I guess I will find out when I get af and count back 14 days to see which part of my cycle I ovulated in. I also ended up getting sore nipples for 2 days which I generally associate with ovulation. When we actually start TTC I am going to invest in quite a few OPKs!!

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