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    We have a date
    My (our) IUD is coiming out of 15th July then I guess I can say we are "trying"

    I feel kind of stupid about the whole "trying" thing no one really goes around saying oh we are having lots of sex but when you would like a baby this seems to change??

    I think I will just term it as hoping, I am hoping that it is not all too hard. After reading through the posts in this forum I am being to feel that it is like rocket science or brain surgery.
    I am hoping that this conception can be an act of love not planned and charted checked and measured and feeling like we need to have sex rather than making love.

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    goodluck with TTC I hope its not a long one....

    but always remember even if you do have to chart its still an act of love no matter how you make your baby, as long as its made

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