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Thread: DTD... not so romantic anymore

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    Default DTD... not so romantic anymore

    hi girls..

    been getting complaints from DH that DTD is not so romantic anymore and merely just trying desperately to conceive.

    its also hard for DH and I to DTD everyday as he and i get tired so we DTD every second day.. try everyday as much as possible but sometimes the job doesnt get complete if u know what i mean

    anyone else feeling the same?

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    Yeah we went throught all this.

    You dont want to dtd every day every 2nd day is best to allow sperm to re generate etc.

    You need to just try and make it a bit more romantic, it cause many arguments with us with 12 months of ttc.

    maybe go away for a romatic weekend.

    Good luck with it

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    I agree you only need to DTD everyday, every 2nd day around O time. Even that seemed like a chore for us though sadly.

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    same here, I try not to tell Jase when O time is but he said he knows cause I am more agreeable to DTD and to be honest he always seems more tired around this time

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    My dh and I used to have the same problem, we were tired and i was stresse thinking that if we didnt dtd all the time we might just miss out because this could be our month iykwim?

    It's not a nice place to be. Try maybe to bring a bit of romance back in. We would have baths together, turn off the tv and have a candle light dinner instead (in the nude if you dare!), buy some new lingerie, even a dirty phone call to DH while he was still at work worked a treat lol!

    When you do concieve your baby you will know that it was done with so much love. Hope this helps.

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    i am not in this situation, but when i fell pregnant with my DD we looked at it as if it happens it happens and carried on as per usual in the DTD department. it took threee months so i guess i didnt get to the stressy point of ' when will this happen'. not much help i know, but maybe just try to stress less and make it fun instead of a chore. :-)

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    This may be a lame suggestion but maybe try mixing things up a bit so it doesn't always seem like you are after his swimmers. For instance get a quicky in before work or suprise him while he's cooking dinner.

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    Kach I think everyone goes through this. Every second day is heaps around O, every day is exhausting (we tried everything!) and we ended up sick of the sight of each other! Try spicing it up. I also found it useful to let DH know why it was important to DTD around that time. Given that he was as eager for the BFP as I was I think it helped knowing why I was attacking him in a pattern!

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    I could have written that exact same post while TTC Olivia. We lost all the passion and it got so bad that DH couldn't even come because of how unromatic it was and the pressure we put on ourselves. We were only doing it missionary with a pillow angling my pelvis up for minimal spillage, I was temping and charting, watching my CM and cervic position and texture and using OPK and we would do it every second day except the five days leading up to ovulation it would be every day whether we 'felt' like it or not. No wonder we couldn't conceive. In august last year we just forgot about everything and went back our old sex life. DTD in all positons, with toys, sexy lingerie and everywhere around the house and just brought back the fun and along she came. We kept telling each other to relax but how could we with the stressful/routine we had put on ourselve. It was horrible.
    Go back to having fun and enjoy be so initimate with each other on such an amazing special level and hopefully the love you express for each other will bring another baby into your life.
    Enjoy DTD!!!

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