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    Question Ecoptic Pregnancy


    I suffered an EP exactly a month ago, and I am wondering if anyone has any information on Ovulation and how it will work now. I have 2 ovaries but only 1 fallopian tube as the other one ruptured and had to be tied off.

    Any and all information will be VERY MUCH appreicated.

    Many thanks

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    Hi Paul's girl,
    sorry to hear about your ectopic.
    You will still ovulate from both ovaries, however I would pressume that because you only have one fallopian tube your chances of falling preg would be much greater when the egg is released from the side where the tube is.
    I 'think' that ovulation occurs from both ovaries but it is random, it doesn't alternate sides as sometimes suggested.
    Maybe you should have a chat to someone. I am sure your GP would be able to answer all your questions. i hope your road to the next pregnancy is a quick one. Good luck x

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    Sorry to of your EP, sending you a big hug

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    Hi Paul's girl,

    So sorry to hear what you have gone through. I had an ectopic and had the left tube removed. Like Ange said, you will still ovulate from both ovaries, and it is true that it is more difficult to fall pregnant when ovulating from the tubeless ovary. But, when I fell pregnant with Euan I ovulated from the left side. It is possible for the ovum to travel to the other tube - one of the amazing things about reproduction I guess.

    Sending you hugs and best wishes.

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