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    Hey there,

    I'm almost 15 weeks pregnant and I work in a non-traditional female job. DP and I own a property maintenance business. At the moment my job consists of:
    *whipper snipping with industrial heavy whipper snipper 3-4 hours a day, 2 days a week
    *Pushing a lawn mower 2 hours a day , 2 days a week
    *Leaf blowing with industristrial leaf blower 1-2 hours a day, 4 days a week
    *Vacuuming many flights of stairs with backpack vacume cleaner 4 hours a day, 3 days a week
    *washing windows, other cleaning up to 9 hours a week
    *weeding, gardening, picking up sticks, trimming trees up to 8 hours a week
    *heavy lifting is a normal part of the day

    I have halved the mowing since I have been pregnant.

    My previous pregnancy, i went into preterm labour at 22 weeks due to moving a house whilst I had pnuemonia (long story, not my choice) They stopped the labour but I had constant checks and worry for the rest of the pregnancy, a very irritable uterus developed after that.

    I am beginning to get concerned as I have noticed in the last 3 weeks increasing amount of BH's during and after work. I am careful not to overdo it, I rest when I need and drink okay, but I'm beginning to realize that my body isn't handling it like it used to, I get extremely tired after work..

    So i'm wondering, does anybody know if it's okay to continue this kind of work during pregnancy now that I've reached 2nd trimester? I can't seem to find any information about it bah stuff saying it's okay to mow the lawn every second week, but I can't find any info on someone like me that does it for a living. I can't see my doc for another 2 weeks, and I guess I'm concerned in the meantime. Today was a hard day, I was using the heavy vibrating whipper snipper and leaf blower and I definately have more BHs than I've had yet....I'm scared that I might 'cause' something to happen like last pregnancy.

    It's hard, I really do need to work at the moment, it's too much this time of year for DP to do on his own, and hiring someone is not a financial option for us. I actually find vacuuming the flights of stairs waaaaaaay harder than any of the lawn mowing, so because of that I haven't been too concerned.

    Any advice?

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    Hmmm - well I would say your body is pretty used to it all, so in my eyes you would be able to do it for a few more weeks. I kept umpiring netball til 20w this pregnancy, and last pregnancy I played netball to 19w.
    Also last pregnancy we renovated a house, and I was up there on the ladder with the orbital sander, so I'm no stranger to fumes, machinery and that kinda jazz.
    I guess at the end of the day though - if you are asking these questions then maybe its too much for you? How would you feel if god forbid something did happen as a result of it all? Could you ever forgive yourself?

    I get heaps of BH's too - like loads and loads, and always when I have been doing too much - well not too much, but some rigourous exercise of sorts. So I get where you are coming from re irritable uterus. But if you think its over, then really its over. Start settling down and give yourself a bit of a break.
    The business will cope one way or another, but how about your emotional state?

    BTW - I hate vacuuming too, I'd rather mow our lawn or wash our car then vacuum as it really sets me off!!

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    Fi, thanks for your reply...that's exactly as I have been saying to many 'concerned' family members that my body is used to it and that it should be okay. If I started it just now it would be a problem.

    The reason I'm asking is because of DP freaking out on my today. He started ranting at me that how would I feel if I caused the baby to come early because of this. He has never been comfortable with me doing this, it is his first baby, but I spent the whole time this pg telling him it's okay for me to do as i was doing so much before. But today I needed to rest a lot more because I hit a large rock with the mower today which stopped the whole thing and my belly went plowing into the handle of it, I just sat down for 20 minutes. It just seemed to set off a lot of BH's and moreso I guess shook me up a bit. DP saw me holding my tummy, he asked what was wrong, I said I just had a few cramps which set him in a rant for the next 2 hours about me working. When he does that it gives me big doubts, most of all if something did happen to bubba that he and I would blame myself. He would never say it to me, but I know that's why he would think as he's already said as much crypticaly.

    I don't want to be precious about this, I am pregnant not sick. I spent the first trimester on bed rest and I got unfit and depressed. i dont' want to go back there unless I have to, not working all over again, also DP is not handling it on his own.

    You're right Fi, it's more of an emotional thing at the moment, and more between DP and I than about the baby I think.

    Thanks heaps for your advice.

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    Yeah Tara - sounds like you are coming to some arrangements within your own head. And I think thats where it all has to come from.
    If you are anything like me, people telling me to stop doing things makes me go even harder!
    Like working til 36.5w, trying to get up on the roofs and work in harnesses at about 34w, and not being given permits to work, rushing about non-stop, and renovating the house - I should add that was at full term

    At some point we have to let go, and I have to say I have enjoyed this pregnancy more because I'm not out there trying to prove I am superwoman!! And the funny thing is I have put on less weight, and I'm emotionally more ready for it all. Much calmer, and sois bubs.

    Good luck.

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    I think that because youve probably been doing this type of work for a while you could be right to do it until its just becomes too uncomfortable/tiring etc for you.
    You know your body and what youre capable of..
    Personally, I'd slow down a bit, but not stop doing those things completely.

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