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Thread: Evap Lines Or Pos???

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    Default Evap Lines Or Pos???

    Hi Guys,
    I am new on here, and as my DD is now 4, it has been ages since I have taken a PG test, and I need some help!

    On Monday I just had this very strange feeling that I was pg, probably bought on by the fact that I had to wee every 2 seconds and I was sooo bloated, and constipated.
    So Monday night I did a PG test using a CONFIRM one and got a very,very,very faint PINK line after about 20 minutes, which deepend a lil bit. Then on Tuesday I felt so sick that I actually thought that I had Gastro, no vomiting, just my stomach rolling, and rolling, and rolling..... and yes it is still rolling, although when I eat it feels a bit better for a short while. I am also getting mild period pain, off and on, but just no period, and my boobs are sooo sore.
    Tues Afternoon I did a First Step discovery test (Using FMU), (actually I did 2!!) and they both were NEg. Tuesday night I again used a Confirm and it had a faint PINK shadow as well.
    Today I used a Forelife ( I am getting cheaper!!!) and it has a PINK shadow also.
    Now, I have never had these shadow lines before, even when I have squinted, turned it upside down, and just pretended there was one there, and checked it again 2 days later, it has always just been a blank when I was truly NOT pregnant.
    So anyway, I am totally confused, and slightly hopeful, but not wanting to get too hopeful. I have PCOS, so in the back of my mind I keep thinking that maybe that is just playing up, and causing all these symptoms, or maybe I just have a Virus?????
    Any thoughts????? Maybe I am just testing too early? And, I only stopped Breast feeding my DD (yes, she is 4, talk about a marathon!) about 6 weeks ago, so maybe that is playing havoc too?
    Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts or info let me know!
    Baby Dust to all!

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    Give it a few days & test again. I did test with DS but was not due for AF yet, just had a feeling & got a faint line. The later you test the higher your hcg levels are, the darker the line will be. If its still pretty early it will be faint. But do another one in a few days to be sure.

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    Can you post a pic of your tests?

    I hope it's a BFP for you!

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    Thanks Guys, I think that I just need to be patient. I am going to wait a week I think before I retest! Baby dust to all!!!

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    you shouldnt look at them after i think 10 mins cause they are not reliable. ie when you first do it and its neg then look again after 10 mins and there is a second line its not a true line. i think you should wait a little while longer and test again.

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    fingers crossed for you good luck

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    Thanks for that guys, I really should have been more patient.......I got my period!
    All is good though, as we had not actually been trying for a baby. (Although DH has been ready to start trying again since the birth of our DD who is now 4! He is one eager beaver!).
    But, I now realise because of this little experience, that I am ready to start right now, for a baby.(I was going to wait until Christmas 08 and then start trying!) I think that this was God's way of giving me a little nudge to start HERE WE GO!!!
    (My DH is rubbing is hands with glee...............wait until he's running to the shop at all hours fetching me chocolate!lol)

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    I hope it all works out then! Goodluck!

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    Thanks !!

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