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Thread: Feeling like it aint gonna happen.

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    Unhappy Feeling like it aint gonna happen.

    Well i think this is going to be another month of not concieving I still get all the symptoms like sore bb's of waves of nausea & pains down below, but i have noticed no changes in my bb's such as my nipples havent changed or gotten bigger. Can that happen??? Between O and getting my next af i have all the pg symptoms. But i think my body is just so mixed up atm... im just to the point where i dont wanna try ne more, i wish things would just happen and im sick of the disappointment month after month and still no success.

    I have been ttc for at least 8 months maybe longer....who knows and since my m/c in May 06 no sign of gettin pg again. I just feel atm the moment that its never gonna happen. People tell me b patient and it will happen, but i think i have been patient , and i know that if i cant concieve naturally i dont think i can afford IVF so i now i feel really disheartned & i just dont think it is worth all the emotional turmoil its putting me thru.

    Next month on the 24th Dec was my EDD if i hadnt m/c this yr and its the day b4 Xmas and i know its gonna get me down and Xmas is meant to be happy time, but i feel just so sad atm. Well thats enough ranting.....just feels good to talk about it, and so i dont bottle it up inside,cant seem to get the thought out of my head that im trying for nothing.

    Hope every one is having a gr8 day.....Take care and to all the pg ladies hope all is well and ur having H&H prgncy's. And for good measure i thought i would drop off some .

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    BIG to you, I cant imagine what you're going through. Im so sorry to hear about everything thats happening, especially with your EDD coming up I really hope the new year brings you some good luck you deserve to you!

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    I totally understand what you are going through I have been there too. It is really hard TTC and to be honest, its an emotional hellride. I tried for 18 months to get DD#1, it was horrible. DD#2 took about 6 months and DD#3 well, she took over 5 yrs. It is a horrible ride, but all worth it in the end. Have you had any testing done? I know that with my last baby, I went through heaps of testing and we found a way for my body to allow me to stay PG.
    You are the only one who can know if you have had enough. Dont give up! I am persistent and refused to give up. I know people say be patient, but if you are like me, you will have had enough of being patient and just want it NOW!!
    We are all here for you to rant, or whatever. Its a hard time and sometimes easier to know that you are not alone.
    Huge hugs to you!
    I hope that 2007 will be your year! They say things can only get better!!!

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    Anne, I know exactly how you feel - I am in the exact same place right now. We've been ttc for 6 months now following our loss in March and I just can't see it happening this month either. You are definately not alone.

    I am 8dpo today and I already know i'm not prg. Have not one single inkling. So another month of failure. I am booked in for another lap on 21 Nov and staring down the IVF barrel (I am worried about the cost too but will do whatever it takes).

    Here's hoping like hell that the new year brings us and our partners a H&H pregnancy.

    I am sure this won't be much comfort to you, but I was dreading my EDD (12th October) and it really didn't end up being so bad. I potted a plant that flowers at that time each year, got our my memory box with all my u/sound pics etc and had a good cry and gave my daughter a million hugs and kisses. But overall, the world didn't end like I thought it would. I hope you find the same.

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    Malimum it must be so hard each month to have af arrive... Sorry about your mc in May... I thought there was no way that i would ever fall pg after 7 mths of trying and only 5 cycles in those months due to long cycles i also got strong symptoms then af would arrive.. My nipples didnt change until the last week or so i wouldnt worry if there not changing too much yet.. I also get very sore bbs during two week wait so couldnt go off that symptom....

    for a very very soon... and lots of

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    malimum Guest


    ty every1 4 ur kind words, i so enjoy coming here its just one big support network and i love it. Especially when u meet so many ppl like urself who have gone thru the same as u or worse or not as bad.No matter wat the loss its still a loss and we never 4get wat terrible journeys we have to get where we are and wat we have sacraficed and wat our family's, DP's etc have done to help us along the way.

    Well as for me af arrived last nitealtho i still have the occasional sore bbs's, and nausea,but i like i said i think my body is just playing tricks on me and i just am so exausted atm that i feel like it aint never gonna happen. so yet another month of let down and disappointment.

    I just think at 34 im running out of having good eggies, and i feel its just a long tiring, struggling road that i dont know if i wanna keep travelling on. I will wait and see wat the gyno says and take it from there.

    Ne way ty for listening it really helps to get out and not bottle it up inside. Wishing all the ttc'ers GL and here is some

    bye bye

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    I am very sorry for you loss in May, and I am sorry it is taking so long to get another little bundle of joy.

    Just keep crossing everything and it will happen, and your little angels will make sure it does.

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    malimum Guest


    Ty Tamara.

    I wish af would go away so i can start again...(sometimes i wonder y i bother!!!). Well only 2 and a bit wks until i go c the gyno, wouldnt think i would ever b happy to c a gyno but atm i cant wait. I he can give me some answers, then im not beating my head against a trying to figure out wat my silly body is doing.

    Well hope every1 is having a good nite.

    2 every1!!!!


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    [email protected] my silly body, atm im still getting the odd sore bb's and slight waves of nausea, i still have af i dont normally get sore bb's and nausea durning my af. I got af on the 9th Nov and it stopped last nite, woke up this morn and still no bleeding, but i usually have a huge break where i stop and then it will return again so im not sure how long i actually bleed for. Ne way my question is If u have a break in af like bleed then stop bleeding does that effect when ur going to O and get the signs of ovulation cause i get confused . TIA

    Hoping my body decides wat its doing soon...its to much at times i feel like crying all the time

    :bluedust all round!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by malimum View Post
    [email protected] my silly body, atm im still getting the odd sore bb's and slight waves of nausea, i still have af i dont normally get sore bb's and nausea durning my af. ..

    I understand about the mixed mesages your body sends. I thought my nausea and sore back could have been something good but turns out the nausea is from a slight virus and the back is because my spine is all out of whack! Grrrr! So maybe you could have a slight virus as well?

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    Ty for listening Poppy I feel perfectly fine. Well just want af to finish and try again and hopefully . Just so frustrating, having a really hard time atm and im trying to stay +ve and patient but im slowly running out of both.

    Take care!!!!

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