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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    Fertile Early

    HI Ladies

    Just a query. I had heard somewhere that it is possible for ladies to be fertile as soon as you finish period. How did they come to this conclusion?


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    Maya Guest

    Hey Zoimeister,

    I have read it somewhere too. I don't remember reading the logic behind how or why either.

    I am guessing it applies to those who have longer AF days ( ??? ). When I was "younger" my period used to last for more than a week. Or maybe it apples to those who ovulate more than once per cycle. I've never seen a chart where ovulatation is detected more than once.

    This is only my speculation. Are you TTC? How long?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    Hi Maya

    Ive been TTC since November 2004 and have only been recently charting as i think we were BDing on the wrong days.

    My stats last cycle were that i ovulated late (CD21) and that i had a short LP (6 days). Im hoping that is not the case this cycle.

    Fingers crossed this cycle....

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    Maya Guest

    Hey Zoimeister,

    I can say you are new to TTC and I hope you dun have to for much longer. Lotsa dust: for you

    I, unfortunately have been TTC since nov 2003. I only started charting since June 2004. But I kept missing my O day (now I know) until I started using Fertility Friend charting system since Oct 2004. Are you using FF too?

    Also, what CD are you at right now? When do you test ??
    I have really learned alot about TTC but it seems never ending. Every month I learn something new which makes me hopeful each month. If you want any quick tips that I have learned, feel free to ask.

    Good luck to us all and and dust: dust: dust: dust:

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004

    Hey Maya

    Its so kool when everyone is on the same wavelength. It makes it that much easier to talk to.

    Im on CD6 and used ff last month but havent upgraded, but im still using it, how dont ask, but it has been helpful to say the least.

    When i first started i kept on testing like all the time to no avail, i have now vowed to myself i will only test if im late, otherwise not only can it get rather expensive, but frustrating too!

    How old are you Maya? Im turning 31. Drop me a line at my email adress [email protected] and we can chat and xchange stories and heaps and heaps pf baby dust for the both of us. It would be good to have someone to ask questions etc.


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    Maya Guest

    Hi Zoe!

    I am turning 31 in March too I am TTC #1. You too? I originally planned to have 3 kids but at this rate, I might be happy if I get one

    I know what you mean about frustrating and expensive tests. I stopped testing after the 2nd month of futile tests. Swore to myself that I will test only after AF is late but this month I am very tempted to test becasue DH and I "worked-extra-hard". But I might be able to decipline myself since I dun have any symptoms of pg.

    If AF dun arrive by 21 Feb, then I am testing . When are you anitcipitating O? Here's some dust: :bdust:

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    andrea8 Guest


    Hi! Maya nice to meet you,
    I will be 37 in April and I'm trying to conceive #2.AF reared her ugly head today so,I'm back to CD 1.I registered with FF and I tried to put my ticker on but it only shows the link??Do you know how to do that?
    Also I ordered TCOYF it should be here any day now and I'm thinking of trying herbs.
    Good luck to you,

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    BellyBelly Member

    Nov 2004


    Im TTC#1. And yes like you ill be lucky for anything at this stage. Im really hoping....

    Last month according to ff i ovulatd on CD21 (very late) so im going to track this time, if ts again at CD21 tht should be around 27/28th February.

    Can i ask how do you record in ff, if in the morning i got sticky CM, and then at midday got a spot of 'creamy' cm? All this cm and bd timing, and temp taking can rule your life!!

    BABY BABY DUST.............................................. .....

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    Maya Guest

    Hi Ladies!!!

    Zoe - You ALWAYS take the "most fertile result" to record your CM observation. So, for your case, you have to indicate it as "Creamy" since "Sticky" is a less fertile indication. Likewise, if you observed "Watery" and "Creamy" on the same day, then you indicate it as "Watery". You get what I mean? Hope that helps. I know what you mean by all these things taking over your life. DH sometimes feels sorry for me cos I am so obsessed with it. I can spend a whole weekend NON-STOP reading up on articles related to TTC.

    Andrea- Nice to meet you too You are so lucky to have #1. If I had #1 already , I would be less likely to be so baby obsessed I think( maybe). Sorry about $%^# AF.

    In order to append your ticker, you have to make it your signature. That's BB's policy Anyway, to do that, click on "Profile" at the top, then on the "Profile" tab and then "Signature". I am guessing that you are using URL instead of Img. Copy your link to the ticker and then put the Img tags outside the link.
    Hope that helps. Let me know if you need further instructions.

    Losta dust: :bdust:

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    andrea8 Guest


    Hi! Maya,
    I'm so grateful to have #1 and watching him grow into a young adult is amazing and scary at the same time.Beware that mother's curse works LOL he's been quite a handful but I wouldn't trade that for anything.
    He's 18yo and will be 19yo in May.So,that's why I'm obsessing because he's ready to leave the nest.
    Also I had him a wk before I turned 18yo and worked all through his little life until now.His father is not a good person and didn't make it easier,I finally had to take my son and run for both of our sakes.
    I would really love to have a baby with my DH who loves both of us dearly,I'm staying at home now and I'm not living with mental and physical abuse.So,these circumstances would be soooo much better.My supportive father totally understands because he knows the hell that I lived through.
    So,now you understand my reasons for the obsession.
    Good luck,I hope that you get your BFP soon,
    Happy Valentine's Day(it's today in the US),

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jan 2005
    Country NSW

    Hi zoimeister

    I hve heard something like that, is something along the lines of a person possibly having 2 O periods a month, I think the is a fair bit of info about it on ( hope i am allowed to post another web site :-k )

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    Maya Guest

    Wow, Andrea! You must have been really young when you had your #1. I wish you good luck with # 2 Wouldn't it be nice if we all got pg together so we can talk about preggie stuff

    I am turning 31 next month. I dunno if I can afford to have 3 kids with 4 yrs gap if I dun get pg by 31. I so hoopppeee I will have BFP this month

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    andrea8 Guest


    Hi! Maya,
    Yes I was sooo young LOL.I had DS a week before I turned 18 so,we basically grew up together.He thinks of me more as a friend than a mother sometimes we have problems because he doesn't want to listen.
    It would be great to get out BFP's together the first time I was alone and frightened and I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
    Good luck,
    P.S. I told DH that you thought he was hilarious---he ate that up LOL.

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    sueedge Guest

    reply to zoemeisters question


    With regard to ovulation just after periods, I actually start the ovulation phase straight after my periods. My periods tend to last about 6 days and then the "wet" days begin. The dr worked out that my first daughter had to have been conceived just after my period as she was two weeks bigger than her dates.


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    BellyBelly Life Subscriber

    Feb 2005

    Oooh ooh, hands up, early ovulators!!!

    I'm one of these too, particularly since I've passed my mid 30s. The fertile phase can start right away with me. My periods are heavy for two days, lighten up for two then are pretty much gone by the fifth day. All the while, the ovary on the side that is going to ovulate is sending me warning signals. Usually within one or two days, the watery mucus appears and I know to break out the test kits because the egg is on its way.

    This cycle has been an exception (I believe I ovulated around day 12 or 13 this time) but I've found that over time, you get very clued in to the physical signs of ovulation in your own body and you just know.

    Of course, you may start having much shorter periods (between 21 and 25 days) so you will have a fair idea that you're an early ovulator.

    Sounds like a good title for an episode of Maury Povich.
    "Help Me Maury, I'm an Early Ovulator"

    (Sorry, too much TV).

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    sueedge Guest

    early ovulation

    Yes, I was a regular 28 day cycle till my late 30s. One ovary is now on a 28 day cycle and the other is on a 23 day cycle. I can tell which one I'm on by how soon after my periods my wet days start. My first two days of the period are heavy, then I only have spotting for a couple of days followed by another regular period day, and then it is pretty much over. Do you think this early ovulation affects fertility at all? My 3 kids were conceived on 28 day cycles, so I'm not sure. I would love to have another baby, once my health has improved.