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    My husband and I have just started TTC and I am really unsure about what we should and shouldn't be doing.

    It hasn't been a month yet but we are coming up to the day and I just keep wondering if I should be not drinking coffee or wine etc - just in case?!

    Also, when it comes to very early syptoms, I have had an upset stomach for a few days now as well as feeling queasy through out the day. My breasts are a bit sore too. Do these sound like symptoms?

    These seems like such silly questions, when there are so many intelligent questions being asked, but they have been plaguing me!

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    Yes they could be pg symptoms but they could be numerous other things as well. Sometimes when you are ttc you will see all sorts of "symptoms" as being pg when they are completely unrelated - just because you want to be pg. I've had this happen numerous times over my history of ttc. Try not to think of yourself as pg unless you actually go overdue for your AF and then if you do go out and get yourself a HPT.

    I cut out coffee a few months ago in an effort to conceive so I'd say you should cut it out now. As for the wine, one or two would be safe until you find out that you are pg.

    I hope your ttc journey is a short one.

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    Thanks Satya!

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    Hi taj, I'm a big fan of folate (to prevent spina bifida) so unless you eat loads and loads of green leafy veg, or are against supplements I would suggest you start taking it - supposed to be for three months prior to conceiving. I only started when we started TTC but now after 4 months I'm well and truly in the safe zone!

    I try to avoid alcohol when I'm in the TWW but have the odd bit during the rest of my cycle.

    Are you taking your temp and charting etc. so that you know when you are ovulating?

    Come join in with the TTC buddies 1-6 months and you'll learn heaps from all the girls in there.

    Best of luck with your journey.

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